Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playing Catch Up.. Again.

October was hell. I'm putting that out there right now. It seemed like every weekend I had class. And everyday something else was stressing me out. At one point I questioned if I actually lived at the school or not. It was really a nightmare. Now that November is upon us, I realised I need to get my ass in gear and accomplish a few things. First things first though, last year I had enough of the tiny 5ft Xmas tree we had been dealing with for years. Every year I would find something for the tree to stand on to make it appear taller. At one point it was a plastic toddler table. *sigh* So for Xmas all I wanted was a new tree. I spent some time with my folks last year and when when I got home I got my wish. There was my new tree. A 7.5 foot pre-lit flocked Xmas tree. Because it was after Xmas I wasn't allowed to put it up. I waited a whole year. Every time I pulled in the garage there it was just waiting.. November 3rd, as I tore down all the Halloween hoopla, I put my tree up. I know, right? November and I have my Xmas tree up. I wouldn't wait any longer. I will admit it was kind of a pain in the butt. For year we had used a table to put the tree on. Now. I needed to move the table out of the way. Which was cool and it sucked all the same. Where was the table going to go for my new tree? We made do. As for the construction of this tree. I was in aw. My previous tree had a base, a pole, and each branch was individually put on the tree and then flared. Lots of work. This tree, a base, and (4) sections that plugged into each other. Each branch was attached to the sections that dropped as it was put onto the section below. All you had to do was flare the branches when it was all plugged in. Awesome! The first time around was a mess. Being that it's flocked, there was white powder on everything. It's worth it though. The tree is beautiful.

After digging out my Xmas things, I noticed that having a much larger tree requires more ornaments. For years we have only used a 12 pack of bulbs and it worked out just fine. Those 12 covered one side of the tree. It was kind of sad really. And I wasn't thrilled with the multi colored ornaments. Yes, they are pretty. However, they just didn't "go" with the tree. Oddly enough I found some brown toned ornaments and fell in love. Wasn't sure how well they would look with the white flocked tree. Amazing how much I like it. Everything in the house is earth tones. We have a black pleather sectional couch with brown, tan, chocolate colored suede cushions. The shower curtain is a striped brown, tan, chocolate suede, the window curtains are the same. Now the tree ornaments match too. LOL.

My class recently found out that one of our mates is pregnant. And another is getting married in January. So we are throwing a brides and babies shower for them. I decided to make a towel cake for the bride. When I got the cake part done I went on a search for flowers. It was crazy. No matter where I looked I couldn't find blue roses anywhere. The white cake needed some kind of color on it. I didn't want to use white flowers on a white cake. I ended up making blue roses from some card stock I had, then putting quilting pins in them to hold them to the cake. It actually turned out beautiful. I'm so happy. I need to go out and get some tulle to wrap around the cake because its going to be very hard to carry my school things and the party things. Going to be making several trips that night.. LOL. Here are the two pics I took of the cake.

The class also suggested that everyone bring a finger food of some kind. I was really excited about making mini somethings. LOL. I attempted to make mini pies. They turned out so cute that I decided to bring them. My first batch were cherry. The ones for the party will be apple. :)

As for the mother-to-be I had a baby blanket panel from awhile ago so, I just bound the edges and then made some baby sock roses too.

OH, and here is the image of the bridal shower card I made. I was dinking around with ideas for the baby shower card. Couldn't find anything that struck my fancy so I hadn't made one. A classmate actually went out and purchased a card. Though I would like to make something. I don't feel as if I need to if I can't find anything I really like. I wont stop looking till the day of the party though.. LOL. I really want to make her a card too.

And of course it being November. I needed to start on the Xmas cards for the year. Last year I made all different kinds. And as fun as that was. I decided that this year they would be all the same. Boring? Maybe. However, I just don't want to feel rushed. I also have gifts that need to be made too. So I would like to have some time to do that as well and not do things last minute which tends to always happen. So here is what I picked for the card this year. Simple, elegant. Stress-free. LOL

And now on to something more annoying. Without pictures. LOL.

I hadn't seen a doctor since my hysterectomy over a year ago. And felt it was time to do so. The pains in my legs never went away. I'm getting three hours of sleep a night (which is why so many projects have been getting done, but really 3 hours a night) and I just was feeling like something had to be done. So there I was indulging in all my ailments. They suggested I take a blood test and find out whats going on. Could be as simple as a vit deficiency. Which truly was what I was hoping for. Not likely. My fat kid obsession for ice cream got me nailed with high blood sugar levels. So I get to test that everyday. Along with my horrible eating habits (I really think my lack of being home and not eating right were going hand in hand) So I have high cholesterol as well. UGG. So now I'm watching everything I eat. Which isn't the best thing. So instead of just eating food. I'm not eating at all because I don't know what I can and can not eat to help lower my insanely high levels. I had been looking up foods that would help lower my levels. It seems like all the foods I love I can't eat. And all the foods I really don't like. I should be eating. I'm not into pill popping especially for my cholesterol. I'm not big on killing my kidneys. Which one of the side effects of the pill states in not so many words.. (yellowing skin and eyes) <--- kidney failure. No thank you. So I'm really wanting to help by eating better. I guess the best thing to do is just suck it up and do it. At least its curable at this point, right? :) I was OK with taking the meds for the blood sugar. The side effects were not too bad. Then I found out my headaches that I was having was a side effect. Not like any other headache I have ever had. In fact it was awful. It was the very crown of my head like a little monster trying to break through. Here was the worst part. It was a medicine headache, so if I took Excedrin to cut the headache it would only get worse cause its more medicine. UGG. I spent an hour (60 minutes) in the shower with the water on HOT, sitting in the tub while the shower just drenched me. It felt awesome till I stood up and noticed how hot the water really was. LOL. The headache subsided a bit. It's still there. At least its not knocking me on my ass like it was earlier though. Gotta take care of myself before I can care for others, right? :) So that's what I'm doing. :)
Thanks for reading. Letting me vent. Live long and prosper and all that jazz. I have some more projects planned for the near future so expect more logs soon. :)
Ta Ta For Now.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just when you say something... You wished you hadn't.

As I mentioned in Saturday's post. I really didn't think anything would come from 5 grams of pressure. Fate has a funny way of showing you where your errors lay. During a break my instructor was showing another therapist a sacral move on the table. Using me as the "dummy." Hand on the sacrum, pressure to squeeze the hip "bowl" together, and the sacrum drops into your hand. 5 grams of pressure moving upward and WTF..... My abdomen feels like a giant balloon filling with air.... then.. a sigh... not from my mouth but from my abdomen.. It sounds horribly stupid. But that's exactly what it felt like. I started balling like a baby on the table. After getting up and walking around I realised...... Ever since my surgery I have felt this band (kind of like a belt) around my abdomen right above the pubic bone. No real reason for it. I always said it was my scar. The pain I felt was my scar. But it felt like a belt you have on way too tight. Now back to me walking around. It was gone. That pressure feeling was gone. Walking on cloud 9 and feeling euphoric. I had always had issues with my body. Even when I was 98 pounds nothing. So after gaining more weight, eventually having a child, and keeping some of that weight on, you would think I had a horrible self image. And I did for a long time. I eventually got over it and realised that I like the skin I was in. I was beautiful. I still had curves so whats wrong with shapely curves. So I was not feeling at all self conscious at the time. However, There was not this tight band around me making me aware there was anything there at all. For the first time I didn't feel my scar. It was the most amazing feeling.
So Monday came and by evening the euphoric feeling was gone and I was back in my old skin. Though the feeling of my scar had not completely returned. Just not so "high on life," I was kind of sad. A person could easily get addicted to the feeling of cloud 9. Which raised more questions then I have before. During massage classes we are told what an emotional response is, how to handle them as therapist. And for most of us, that was fine. We had no need to question anything. Now. How do you handle a client who has felt bliss and wants you to do it again? Do the same moves create the same feelings?
Me as a therapist would never attempt to put someone in this position, that would be very crude of me. However, me as a client. I'm craving that feeling again. Loosing your sense of stability and walking out of it like a new person. The walls of your personal dungeon crashing down. You keep those feelings and emotions locked up so tight they trickle from your brain into your tissues, your muscles, your tendons. And they lock themselves in there really tight. The good thing is. They can be let go. And that's what I want. I'm feeling a Fight Club quote coming on... "To die and be born again." That's about how it feels.
I will not take back what I said about cranio. It still is not the path I want to venture down as a therapist now. However, I have much more respect for it then I did Saturday night. 5 grams of pressure is not a lot of weight, but it is enough to make your body feel safe enough to let things go. When you hear people talk about CranioSacral Therapy they always seem to use the word "powerful" Its funny. Everyone I have heard so far uses that word and until now. I didn't know why. Awesome!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching Up

Lets start with last week. Since it made a huge impact on my life. Well actually it was Thursday the 20th. I attended my son's meet the teacher night. Organized so you could bring school supplies, sign up for bus routes, PTO, Spirit Wear, ext. And of course meet your child's teacher for the first time before school starts. It is of course a wonderful idea. Besides of course the massive amounts of students, their younger siblings, and parents wondering around without a clue. There was not much surprise when that Sunday I woke up feeling as though the semi that had decided to hit me, would have just stopped with it's wheels deep in my gut. Like most colds, it got progressively worse. Starting in my nose, to my chest, and eventually found it's way into my voice box. Destroying what little voice I had left after filling my lungs with whatever crud it wanted to. Most of my colds have this progression, as an adult, I realized how even my colds are organized. LOL. Rob got sick too, the little ass, his body is some kind of demented machine. Went into a high fever the first night and by morning felt just fine. *sigh* I don't have that kind of luck. I spent the next week skipping my massive amounts of unsweetened iced tea with massive amounts of hot tea and orange juice. Though it wouldn't matter. As I mentioned earlier. My colds have this organized progression. I ended up missing my business class on Tuesday.... clinics on Wednesday... and Eastern on Thursday.... into the weekend..... into this past week... By Wednesday I was feeling a lot better. And Thursday I actually stopped having to blow my nose every 15 seconds. What a way to actually spent a week off from school. Now I must admit. Having a cold is perhaps a nightmare experience in so many levels. There are those small benefits of being sick. I call this NyQuil. I never slept so good. The past two weeks I have been in bed asleep before 10:00 every night. And I would wake up around 6ish every morning. All bad things have a blessing hidden in them. :)
Saturday, yesterday, I had my first taste of craniosacral therapy. It is a much talked about topic at school. I don't think there is a class I went through that it didn't somehow come up in discussion. That kind of thing grabs your attention. When I found out that as a student you get discounted CEU classes. Well, crap I'm all over that. So I signed up for the class. It was just a snipit of the full blown craniosacral being taught by Upledger. However, that's all I really needed to get a taste, to find out if it was worth the four day commitment it would take to enroll in Cranio 1. I need to take this time to explain something first. The instructor who is teaching this craniosacral class is also my instructor for Eastern. A very crude, straight-forward, but at the same time, very realistic instructor. He is one of those people that you either love or hate. Since having him in Eastern you really get an ide of how his brain works. With that I really have to thank him for making me the therapist I am. Right now at least. When I started school. I was hard nosed on the idea of draping. Specific draping lines, tucking, never put your hands under the drape, careful, careful, careful. I spent so much effort with this mindset, I found it hard to focus on other things. I remember trying to watch an Esslan massage given in a video on YouTube. I go nothing out of it. The entire time I was watching this guys hands go under the drape. Like a neurotic freak, I was hysterical. Being like that makes for a very crude therapist. After many discussions with my instructor I started "playing" with draping. Don't be afraid to get that stuff out of your way. Communicate with your client so they are aware of what your are doing. Simple things that I should have been doing all along. I was very protective, too afraid of my client to almost want to touch them. The more I was taking his words to heart the better clinics were going. I have this particular client, I call her mine because since our last massage, she re-books with me. Anyways. She and her mother have been coming to the clinic for months. Never before mattered who they got. This particular client told me that she was an avid runner. I took that as a cue to work the IT band and possibly do some nice stretches on her. I informed her what we were going to do, she was all for it. I was doing things I didn't think I had it in me. Making my client liable for the drape, stretching a client on the table. When we were finished she told me that was the best massage she had ever received. People say that all the time. What proved it to me was when I found out she told the clinic manager. And re-booked with me. That felt awesome. So, you really need to understand that I do have a lot of respect for someone who has made a dramatic change in the way I handle my massages.
Now, lets talk about craniosacral. Because I want to really hit it home that I mean no disrespect at all. If you walk into a treatment, as a therapist, whatever, keep an open mind. Someone who is not fond of energy work, will find it very hard to get anything out of this. I adore energy work. The power of the mind is an amazing thing and I really think if a person is in a positive state of mind it can have a huge effect of every aspect of their life. Rob, really not the energy person. Showing him what I had learned that evening. It was very difficult. That and even though he had a headache wouldn't sit still long enough for me to feel that I had done anything. At least I practiced. :)
The idea is making changes with 5 grams of pressure. The weight of a nickle. But even before you get to that point. You focus on trusting your fingers. We felt cardiac rhythm, we felt respiratory rhythm, and then.... there was something else. The way I was holding my hands on my partners head. The cardiac was in my palms, there was the respiratory on my right hand moving in a back and forth kind of pattern. My left hand felt something deeper. Faint but still enough that I could remain focused on the swaying front and back motion. Each rhythm felt completely different in my hands. I was so glad I could feel them at the same time. To really realize there were three distinct pulses.
I can understand why those with closed minds to energy work would find this therapy "hooky" If you want die hard proof of what this can do, I can't offer that. Much like someone can not offer proof of their faith, of feeling energy between two people, or to see auras. No, If you have your blinders on, you will never experience life to the fullest. The idea of moving something with 5 grams of pressure does sound "hooky" I assure you, the power of the mind is not "hooky" at all. I'm going to stick my neck out there and tell you. I think this work is "energy." Which isn't a bad thing. The reason energy therapies are so popular and "powerful" is simple. If you believe its happening. It is. If your clients believes, it is. I do not think energy therapies are to cure diseases. They are to put your brain in a positive state of mind. When your brain is in the right state it makes taking care of you so much easier. I hate to quote a show, but I feel its the right thing to do. Scrubs, a patient had a failing heart due to being sad. "If a person is in a positive place, it's easier to heal. If you're in a negative place.. well, remember to treat patients not only physically, but mentally too." I will again re-visit craniosacral today in about 3 1/2 hours. I am looking forward to it. And I am very glad I signed up for this class. I can tell you now, I prolly wont be investing 4 days to learn the whole shebang. I don't think that is where I want to head with my therapy career. In the future, who knows. Right now, my path is not leaning that way.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


For the love of Spongebob. Here are some plush jelly-fish to enjoy.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Belated Anniversary !!

One year ago August 18th I had my surgery. Wow. it's been a year.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Oil Holster.

As promised this is how I made my oil holster. I never did like using them during my technique classes. I had always worn scrub pants that had an awesome side pocket that was perfect for my lotion bottle. It was comfortable to use and best of all it was never near the client on the table. With the holster there was always that possibility of scraping the client with the nozzle of the bottle. *sigh*
However, in the school clinic, they supply us with these horribly nasty scrubs to be "uniform." The scrubs do not have this side pocket that I had come to really enjoy. I had put off purchasing a holster because I just really had no intention of using one. I officially had two days before we started clinic. I couldn't order one online and the holsters at the student store were overpriced. So, I made one. It turned out super cute. Here is the one I use currently.

Now I'm going to show you how to make your very own oil holster. This one is going to match your sheets. You recently made a face cradle cover that matched your sheets. Now lets hit this OCD out of the park with an oil holster!

First you need to take the piece left over from the pillow case.

Step Two : We are going to cut the main piece of the holster. So grab your bottle of lotion. Place it on the fabric and judge how big you want your holster to be. Make sure to allow for a seam allowance. Also. Make this baby double thick. So just cut the total thickness of the pillowcase (both sides) Place the right sides together and sew up the two long sides. Making a tube. Turn it right sides out and iron your tube flat. The Top and Bottom should still be open.

Step Three : Place your bottle onto the fabric. Make sure there is a nice allowance at the top of the holster for your belting. I pinned it to show you how. Sew it down. I use a straight stitch here. Its cleaner and it doesn't require to be super strong. When you put your belting on. I just went ahead and measured it to fit me. Sew the belting clips on the ends. I'm sure you could make it adjustable. I didn't. If you want your holster be a little stronger. Feel free to put some interfacing in there. Because this fabric was thicker, I didn't.

Step Four : Making the holder for the bottle. You can use the main holster part. However, because I'm using fabric that may be hard to see. So I used a piece of white paper to show you what you should be doing. Make sure that you cut the bottle holder slightly thicker than the main piece. If you make it the same size your bottle will never fit into the pocket.

Step Five : We need to cut the pocket down now. You don't want the pocket to be as tall as the whole holster. Make it long enough that the bottle wont fly out while your using it, and short enough that you don't get lotion/oil all over the holster when you pump it out.

Step Six : We have the pocket cut out of both layers of fabric again. I do everything double layer. Anyways.. Right sides together sew the very top only. Open it up and iron it flat. Now flip it back over so that wrong sides are together and you have a nice seam at the top of your pocket. Go ahead and iron it flat this way so it lays nicely.

Step Seven : Sewing the bottom of the holster. Take the pocket and lay it on top the main piece. Remember the pocket will be a little wider. Start pinning in the middle, then pin each side. Now work your way inward pinning and separating so you have a nice even bunching. Don't worry about the sides of the holster yet, Lets focus on just the bottom. Once you have it pinned. Go ahead and sew the bottom together.

Step Eight : Now you can pin and sew the sides. Just line it up and sew.

Step Nine : Once you have the sides sewn up. Go ahead and put your lotion in the holster. Check it out to make sure your not squeezing the bottle in the pocket. Make sure it feels "right." If it doesn't then this is a perfect time to take out some stitched and find out what would make it better.

Step Ten : At this time, your going to want to cover those un-sightly stitches. I'm showing this with white bias tape. I prefer the Wrights brand Double Fold Bias Tape, Extra Wide. But with this gator print.. the white just looked horrific and I ended up making my own bias tape with the fabric I had left over. For sake of showing you I pinned it on there. Pin the bias tape all the way around the pocket. Side, bottom, side. Now sew it as best you can. Use a stretch stitch that will catch all the layers.

YOUR DONE! Enjoy! And thanks for reading!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wow...Thats a Mouthful

It's been a long hard road, however, we got through it. Clinics at school have been kicking my butt, and then of course there is business class which really drains me. It's not the instructor, it's the class. We are five some months from graduating and we are dealing with business. It hardly makes any sense. No one in my class can concentrate on this while we are knee deep in clinics. Most of us agree this should have been one of our last classes. Trading business with something like Integrative or Advanced Massage, something that may HELP us in Clinics. So each week I feel more and more drained. Maybe that's why I've actually been getting some sleep. Well it really is the Valerian Root I have been taking before bed. Amazing that stuff.
Bout a month ago I had a Rx for some sleep meds. Crazy stuff. Took them, and within thirty minutes I was out.. But, I was out mentally not really physically. I was doing crazy stuff like making new facebook profiles, eating whole watermelons. It was insane. Scary. The worst of which was, I would get up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. So I would end up taking another pill. I finished off the bottle of 30 in two and a half weeks. YIKES! Not to mention these things were $65. Really could not see any long term gain with it. I still wasn't resting, They were way too expensive, and worse of all, I had really no control of myself after taking them. So I stopped taking them. I hadn't been sleeping again. For another couple weeks. That and school was emotionally draining me. I hadn't been sleeping so my clinics were going horrible I could concentrate in class. It was like loosing faith. AHHH I couldn't do that. One of my instructors suggested I take Valerian Root. They smelled like gel encased dirt. Awful. The first night. No change. The second, however, I slept all night. Woke up a little after 6. WOW. I felt rested and ready to actually start the day. I went through the whole day not feeling like a needed a nap. It was amazing. And of course, it just keeps getting better. The other night I woke up after 9. I still tend to wake up around 3 or so. Not sure why, but now, I can actually go back to sleep.
We started clinics not three weeks ago. The first night was great. All the clients were helpful and encouraging. The second set.. I can only say I must not have been "there" which makes a huge difference. At the time I wasn't sleeping so I just felt drained.. Physically, Emotionally. It was a bad night. Looking back I realize why now. I'm glad it was something changeable. :) Third week in clinics was a nice change of pace. My first hour I spent doing clerical work. Filing, making phone calls.. It was relaxing. So my new clients got the best of it. I am a little concerned with clinics and the girlish fears we have. Leaving at night. I was the last one out and my car was the only one left in the student parking lot. It's not a huge parking lot. The idea is that its in the back of the school, the other buildings around are offices , so in reality, if you think about it. Its scary. I have decided that I will start parking in the front of the building for clinics. I know we as students are not supposed to. I just would feel safer if I did.
I am trying very hard to take my business class seriously. It is hard when you have already planned another year of schooling to get into your specialty. We did resumes, mock interviews, we are even planning to create our own business to present to the class by the end. I had a beautiful idea planned. Very serious, serene, elegant. Then I had a crazy fun idea. And I think I'm going to run with it.
Its been a long hard road.. Full of personal and public BS. I haven't had much time to do anything other than survive. I've been trying to get everything ready for Anthony's back to school. He requested that he not get a new backpack this year. However, he wanted some patches sewn on it. Lovely idea. The fabric of the backpack was very hard to sew on by hand. The placement of some of the patches required I sew them that way. One small patch I just decided to Fabric Glue it down. Such a small patch the sewing needle was more of a pain then a help. The others were on large pockets I could flip open and sew from there. I still have three tiny mushroom patches to sew on. I'm getting there. I am also planning on showing you how to make an oil holster from the left over fabric of the face cradle. All I have in my stock is black belt clips and belting. Which really goes horribly with the white and green gators. I have to get some white. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right. I am so very OCD like that. So that is my plan for my day off today. Grocery Shopping, Getting White belting and clips, and taking my son Swimming. We need to hit the pool. Us water babies need to saturate the skin!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Massage Face Cradle Cover DIY

After attempting to hunt for a pattern for these things. I've decided to take some time and actually make them myself. Yeah Yeah.. I know, you can buy them for only $4.95 blah blah blah. What if I want my face cradle covers to actually match my massage sheets. Most of my sheets are fun. I have no idea why it took me this long to do this.. But my creativity has been going crazy soooo.. Now we can play with the sewing machine :) We are taught in school how to wrap the pillowcase around the face cradle to cover it. Which is great but the idea only really works with KING size pillowcases. Or during shifting the pillowcase may fall off. Its kind of frustrating. Using your pillowcase from your sheets Here is how to do it!

1. First of all to get the shape of the face cradle. Simply trace around the cushion. I used a piece of drawing paper and a pencil. Made my pattern for the top. After cutting out the "paper" pattern then you can cut out your fabric or pillowcase. I used two sided for an little more thickness. The following image is of the cut out pillowcase. And showing how I layed out the fabric. The Right side of the fabric is on either side of the cover.
2. Now lets cut out the sides of the face cradle cover. To do this, take your face cushion and measure around it. Starting on one end of the curve all the way around. My cushion measured 50 inches around. Now lets measure the thickness of the cushion. Remember to allow for a seam, and an elastic casing. My cushion was 5 inches thick, with the added elastic casing I will make it 6 inches total. So my "strip" will be 50 inches long, and 6 inches thick.
Now you will realize your pillowcase is NOT 50 inches long. But you have two sides.
Laying the pillowcase flat. Cut your strip from the opposite side of the opening. I try to cut it closest to the seam in the pillowcase. Now Ive made this cover several times. Sometimes there is a seam on the side (the opposite from the opening) Sometimes there is not. Either way is fine. You will not cut this seam off if there is one. The only seam you will cut off is the one on the longer side (if thats the side you chose to cut it from)
3. You will have a piece left over from cutting out these two patterns that you could make a lotion holster later (Ill show you how to do that too.. Another post)
Anyways. So now you have a strip that is 50 inches long and 6 inches wide and you have a top of the face cradle cover. Lets attach them together.
4. It should look very similar to this. Go ahead and sew them together.
5. Lets work on the elastic casing now. Your going to make a hem all the way around anyways. So first things first. Roughly in the center of the face cradle. Find the middle of each side. Just make a seam. I cut a piece of elastic 35 inches long. I began near the seam, Using a casing size the same as the seam. I put the elastic inside, pulling the elastic a little at a time, pinning as I go. Do this all the way to the other side of the seam. Now.. Go sew it together.
6. Your done!! This is what the top of your face cradle cover should look like.
7. This is what the bottom should look like. If you have questions about the "seam" and the "cassing" it is much easier to see in the bottom image.

Now you can make your own face cradle covers.
The whole project, pattern making and all took about 45 minutes.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Business Class One... AHHHHHHH

We had our first class in business last night.. It wasnt that bad. We took some personality quiz and a learning style quiz. We even got to experience what the national board would feel like with a practice exam.
Then we started talking... business plan.. The end of the class we will be giving an oral presentation about our business plan. I have to say Im a little nervous on this one. I guess Im just not ready to hit the ground running with just one kind of idea. Im not really ready to give up the school life and dive into anything right now. I signed up for the massage for cancer patients, class. That is an avenue I want to explore. I think it would be very rewarding for both me and these clients. Yeah, its depressing... but you live one moment at a time. You make the most of that one moment at a time and it doesnt seem all that depressing anymore.
I also enjoy the spa setting, the reflexology is really nice too. I enjoy the hot stone aspects.. I mean.. there are so many wonderful paths. Its hard to choose just one.
Right now I thought I would get the "easy" stuff out of the way.. A business name and possibly a logo. What the hell was I thinking.. Thats actually very frustrating. I'm sure it will come to me when Im not expecting it to.
On a side note... We start clinics next week. I have clinic on Wednesday from 530 - 930. I'm a bit nervous. I'm sure we all are. And I suppose thats good. If your not a little concerned it doesnt make you try and do your best. I have to make sure I hem the pants before then. They are 4 inches too long. So I need to take them in just a bit. Nothing worse then tripping on your pant legs when your trying to do a massage.
I didn't sleep again last night. Nothing new. I plan on keep moving today. I don't want to try and nap like I did yesterday. I actually went to bed around 530 yesterday morning. I slept until almost 1 in the afternoon. By that time I was having to get ready for school. I feel like I wasted the whole day. I can't do that again. Rob has the day off so he wants to go grocery shopping. At least I wont have to drive :)
My legs have been hurting alot too. This again is nothing new... but its becoming more frequent and more painful. I really wish I knew what the hell was going on.
On a happier note... The bug traps have been working awesome. Caught another spider and another beetle last night. I walked away to collect the garbage, when I came back.. The beetle had made an escape.. His only way was back through the hole he came from so.. At least hes not in the house. I do sorta feel bad for the bugs that end up on those traps.. I mean just cause your stuck doesnt mean you die right away.. The first beetle we caught was still moving his head around.. Would really suck to be stuck and you cant do a damn thing about it... Anyways... I was going to say something positive wasnt I?
Saturday is July 4th. I suppose we should stop somewhere and get some fireworks. It will be awesome having Anthony in town this year for that. Last year he came back from Grandpa and Grandma's after the 4th.. Kinda sad cause where they were. Fireworks are illegal. Not much fun for kids like that. Or adults for that matter.
I remember getting some tanks for Anthony last year. He said that was all he wanted and my folks said they couldnt find them anywhere. He has a box of them and a helicopter I thought was pretty cool too.. I do hope they still work.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have a reflexology test coming up on Tuesday. So I have been trying to find a way to help me study for it. Wouldnt ya know I ended up scraping "feet." They turned out really nice. And it helped me with placement and remembering what goes where. I didnt label them, I didnt have to. Pretty much cutting each piece out and placing it was a great way to figure that out. Had to share!!


This is an image of the scrap page I used the owls on. When I get my craftrobo up and running again I will have to cut out something cute to dress it up a bit.
My computer was recently over heating (it melted a candybar on top of it) Not cool. But very funny. So Rob pulled the computer and shnazzy it up a bit. Computer runs like a champ now, and as many of you know I am all for Linux. Ever since I had it loaded up I despised Windows. I havnt had to reboot my computer for months, hardly ever have issues, and of course Windows is just dag nasty evil. Sadly all my play things run in Windows. My craftrobo, and my embroidery machine. So of course I have a partion of windows I do run on occation. But since the overheating buisness we havnt re-installed windows. I can't say I miss it at all.. I wasnt that much in a hurry to get it loaded back up.... BUT... All the scrap pages Im working on, wont be finished until I get the craftrobo up and running again.
Yes I love my craftrobo... Amazing machine. I know alot of people with a cricut and swear by it. Poor things, Don't know what they are missing. I don't have to buy "templates" I don't have to buy anything special for it. It hooks right into my computer and ANYTHING I put up on the cutting screen, it cuts. I can do anything with this thing. There are some "patterns" that others have made. Mostly European sites. Its all good. They are wonderful artists, most are very happy to share their talent. I looked at the Cricut when I was decided what I wanted. I saw the CraftRobo, it was $400. Which you might think is kind of pricey. However if you think about it. You dont have to purchace templates everything is your imagination and your own creativity. The cricut is roughly $200 and each cartriage is $60 , you can't do much with just one so your stuck buying tons of them.. If you think about it.. Your pissing away tons of money with the cricut.. I can do everything the cricut can do.. and more. I will admit though... the cricut is nice if your just wanting to push a button there ya go.. There is not dinking with anything. The CraftRobo is a bit more challenging. But anyone who digitaly scrapbooks would easily be able to work it. Okay Ive said my piece on that. Im sorry if I have offended the cricut fans out there. *shrug* If you knew better at the time.. Im sure you would have chosen the CraftRobo. :)


One of the last days of school my son's school had a group of bird enthusiasts come to show off various types of birds. From walking in on it afterwards it looked like "stupid pet tricks" there was a set up with a bike on a wire, where they had a parrot trek across, there were other birds that would talk or make obscene noises that of course children would love. It was all very theatrical and kind of sad they made this beautiful creatures endure for the sake of "entertainment." However, They had brought with them an owl to show off as well. Not many people actually ever get to see an owl up close. This particular one was beautiful. So understandable the new trend of owls is completely understood. Here are the owls that I constructed with googly eyes. How cute!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So far this is my favorite scrap page I've done. I thought it would be easy to cut Anthony's hair myself one summer. It didnt turn out how we thought, I ended up shaving his head. He was really upset at first. After awhile he really got into it. Since then he has been trying to get me to shave his head again.
Anthony loves chopsticks too. Thought it was great that he picked up using them so fast. We did eventually find those "beginner" chopsticks that are attached at the top with some sort of animal. Cute but they really do make you lazy.. lol.