Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have a reflexology test coming up on Tuesday. So I have been trying to find a way to help me study for it. Wouldnt ya know I ended up scraping "feet." They turned out really nice. And it helped me with placement and remembering what goes where. I didnt label them, I didnt have to. Pretty much cutting each piece out and placing it was a great way to figure that out. Had to share!!


This is an image of the scrap page I used the owls on. When I get my craftrobo up and running again I will have to cut out something cute to dress it up a bit.
My computer was recently over heating (it melted a candybar on top of it) Not cool. But very funny. So Rob pulled the computer and shnazzy it up a bit. Computer runs like a champ now, and as many of you know I am all for Linux. Ever since I had it loaded up I despised Windows. I havnt had to reboot my computer for months, hardly ever have issues, and of course Windows is just dag nasty evil. Sadly all my play things run in Windows. My craftrobo, and my embroidery machine. So of course I have a partion of windows I do run on occation. But since the overheating buisness we havnt re-installed windows. I can't say I miss it at all.. I wasnt that much in a hurry to get it loaded back up.... BUT... All the scrap pages Im working on, wont be finished until I get the craftrobo up and running again.
Yes I love my craftrobo... Amazing machine. I know alot of people with a cricut and swear by it. Poor things, Don't know what they are missing. I don't have to buy "templates" I don't have to buy anything special for it. It hooks right into my computer and ANYTHING I put up on the cutting screen, it cuts. I can do anything with this thing. There are some "patterns" that others have made. Mostly European sites. Its all good. They are wonderful artists, most are very happy to share their talent. I looked at the Cricut when I was decided what I wanted. I saw the CraftRobo, it was $400. Which you might think is kind of pricey. However if you think about it. You dont have to purchace templates everything is your imagination and your own creativity. The cricut is roughly $200 and each cartriage is $60 , you can't do much with just one so your stuck buying tons of them.. If you think about it.. Your pissing away tons of money with the cricut.. I can do everything the cricut can do.. and more. I will admit though... the cricut is nice if your just wanting to push a button there ya go.. There is not dinking with anything. The CraftRobo is a bit more challenging. But anyone who digitaly scrapbooks would easily be able to work it. Okay Ive said my piece on that. Im sorry if I have offended the cricut fans out there. *shrug* If you knew better at the time.. Im sure you would have chosen the CraftRobo. :)


One of the last days of school my son's school had a group of bird enthusiasts come to show off various types of birds. From walking in on it afterwards it looked like "stupid pet tricks" there was a set up with a bike on a wire, where they had a parrot trek across, there were other birds that would talk or make obscene noises that of course children would love. It was all very theatrical and kind of sad they made this beautiful creatures endure for the sake of "entertainment." However, They had brought with them an owl to show off as well. Not many people actually ever get to see an owl up close. This particular one was beautiful. So understandable the new trend of owls is completely understood. Here are the owls that I constructed with googly eyes. How cute!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

So far this is my favorite scrap page I've done. I thought it would be easy to cut Anthony's hair myself one summer. It didnt turn out how we thought, I ended up shaving his head. He was really upset at first. After awhile he really got into it. Since then he has been trying to get me to shave his head again.
Anthony loves chopsticks too. Thought it was great that he picked up using them so fast. We did eventually find those "beginner" chopsticks that are attached at the top with some sort of animal. Cute but they really do make you lazy.. lol.