Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Massage Face Cradle Cover DIY

After attempting to hunt for a pattern for these things. I've decided to take some time and actually make them myself. Yeah Yeah.. I know, you can buy them for only $4.95 blah blah blah. What if I want my face cradle covers to actually match my massage sheets. Most of my sheets are fun. I have no idea why it took me this long to do this.. But my creativity has been going crazy soooo.. Now we can play with the sewing machine :) We are taught in school how to wrap the pillowcase around the face cradle to cover it. Which is great but the idea only really works with KING size pillowcases. Or during shifting the pillowcase may fall off. Its kind of frustrating. Using your pillowcase from your sheets Here is how to do it!

1. First of all to get the shape of the face cradle. Simply trace around the cushion. I used a piece of drawing paper and a pencil. Made my pattern for the top. After cutting out the "paper" pattern then you can cut out your fabric or pillowcase. I used two sided for an little more thickness. The following image is of the cut out pillowcase. And showing how I layed out the fabric. The Right side of the fabric is on either side of the cover.
2. Now lets cut out the sides of the face cradle cover. To do this, take your face cushion and measure around it. Starting on one end of the curve all the way around. My cushion measured 50 inches around. Now lets measure the thickness of the cushion. Remember to allow for a seam, and an elastic casing. My cushion was 5 inches thick, with the added elastic casing I will make it 6 inches total. So my "strip" will be 50 inches long, and 6 inches thick.
Now you will realize your pillowcase is NOT 50 inches long. But you have two sides.
Laying the pillowcase flat. Cut your strip from the opposite side of the opening. I try to cut it closest to the seam in the pillowcase. Now Ive made this cover several times. Sometimes there is a seam on the side (the opposite from the opening) Sometimes there is not. Either way is fine. You will not cut this seam off if there is one. The only seam you will cut off is the one on the longer side (if thats the side you chose to cut it from)
3. You will have a piece left over from cutting out these two patterns that you could make a lotion holster later (Ill show you how to do that too.. Another post)
Anyways. So now you have a strip that is 50 inches long and 6 inches wide and you have a top of the face cradle cover. Lets attach them together.
4. It should look very similar to this. Go ahead and sew them together.
5. Lets work on the elastic casing now. Your going to make a hem all the way around anyways. So first things first. Roughly in the center of the face cradle. Find the middle of each side. Just make a seam. I cut a piece of elastic 35 inches long. I began near the seam, Using a casing size the same as the seam. I put the elastic inside, pulling the elastic a little at a time, pinning as I go. Do this all the way to the other side of the seam. Now.. Go sew it together.
6. Your done!! This is what the top of your face cradle cover should look like.
7. This is what the bottom should look like. If you have questions about the "seam" and the "cassing" it is much easier to see in the bottom image.

Now you can make your own face cradle covers.
The whole project, pattern making and all took about 45 minutes.


  1. This was really sweet of you to put together with an explanation for others looking to do the same thing. I have a spa with 7 treatment rooms and we do go through those cradle covers! This is our 6th year in business and I am making the time to repair sheets and towels before they get too far gone. It is in keeping with our philosophy of reducing, reusing, and recycling in as many areas as possible. As I examined some of the face cradles that needed repair, I got to thinking that I should look at making my own. Yours is the best (ok, the only, too) description of how to go about doing so that I've found!!
    Thank you!! :)

  2. Bunny, I would really like a step by step copy of the pattern for the fitted cradle face cover you posted here. Please send me an e-mail. I would appreciate it.

  3. Bunny, can you answer a few questions regarding this face cradle? I"m trying to make one for my massage therapist. Are you cutting a long rectangle or are you cutting "U" shaped pieces? I can't quite tell. I don't have the face cradle so I have nothing to measure by. Thanks.

  4. Can you please send me the step by step instructions? Like you, I have been trying to find a pattern online and, yeah I took sewing class in high school, but let's just say I didn't ace that class! Lol! My grandmother is really good at sewing and she said if I got a pattern for her she would make me the covers! So if you could please send the instructions to ashleykae86@hotmail.com!

  5. I would LOVE a copy of the pattern, being a student I need to save every cent I can

  6. Please email me step by step instructions. katelynnf88@gmail.com thank you.

  7. I would love a copy of the pattern emailed to me at 4.kristin.hamilton@gmail.com

    The money I make selling these I dontate to my favorite charity.

    Health and happiness

  8. I have been making my own face cradle covers since I became a therapist in 2004.
    The covers were so expensive I did what you did. I measured my face cradle and went from there.
    I just got through making me 4 new ones today to match my new sheets.

    Lisa H. from Florence, Alabama

  9. Hello Bunny, this is such a great idea! I am currently in school and saving pennies any way that I can is a big help. Can you send me a copy of the instructions. My email is swtbttrflychck@yahoo.com

  10. Would it be possible for you to send my a copy of the instructions to my email. aroderickslmt@ymail.com

  11. Hello Bunny, Please send me step by step instructions to my eamil: prohealththerapies@yahoo.com

    This would help me tremendously in saving money if I could make them myself. I am a self-employed therapist. Thank you for your kindness.

  12. I have been making face rest covers for a couple years, too. But this site empowers us to try it! Thanks. I will forward it along to my fellow Therapists

  13. if anyone has the pattern please email it to me
    at 12hournurse@gmail.com

  14. Please email me a copy of the pattern


    thank you :)

  15. I too would like to have your step by step instructions, please and thank you!

  16. Me too! as I am not a sewer, I need step by step instructions thanks....

  17. Me too! Would like step by step instructions. Mcflowin@gmail.com

  18. Would love the step by step instructions!! Kayluann13@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance!!

  19. This blog is heaven sent! I'm just starting out and have been astonished at how gathering basic materials for my business has quickly blown my budget apart 2-3 times over. Really trying to keep costs down and my awesome mother-in-law offered to sew face cradles if I provided a pattern. Please please PLEASE will you email me instructions and pattern? alohaoh@hotmail.com
    And when you visit Hawaii, I'm your gal for tours :) Mahalo!

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