Friday, July 24, 2009

Wow...Thats a Mouthful

It's been a long hard road, however, we got through it. Clinics at school have been kicking my butt, and then of course there is business class which really drains me. It's not the instructor, it's the class. We are five some months from graduating and we are dealing with business. It hardly makes any sense. No one in my class can concentrate on this while we are knee deep in clinics. Most of us agree this should have been one of our last classes. Trading business with something like Integrative or Advanced Massage, something that may HELP us in Clinics. So each week I feel more and more drained. Maybe that's why I've actually been getting some sleep. Well it really is the Valerian Root I have been taking before bed. Amazing that stuff.
Bout a month ago I had a Rx for some sleep meds. Crazy stuff. Took them, and within thirty minutes I was out.. But, I was out mentally not really physically. I was doing crazy stuff like making new facebook profiles, eating whole watermelons. It was insane. Scary. The worst of which was, I would get up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. So I would end up taking another pill. I finished off the bottle of 30 in two and a half weeks. YIKES! Not to mention these things were $65. Really could not see any long term gain with it. I still wasn't resting, They were way too expensive, and worse of all, I had really no control of myself after taking them. So I stopped taking them. I hadn't been sleeping again. For another couple weeks. That and school was emotionally draining me. I hadn't been sleeping so my clinics were going horrible I could concentrate in class. It was like loosing faith. AHHH I couldn't do that. One of my instructors suggested I take Valerian Root. They smelled like gel encased dirt. Awful. The first night. No change. The second, however, I slept all night. Woke up a little after 6. WOW. I felt rested and ready to actually start the day. I went through the whole day not feeling like a needed a nap. It was amazing. And of course, it just keeps getting better. The other night I woke up after 9. I still tend to wake up around 3 or so. Not sure why, but now, I can actually go back to sleep.
We started clinics not three weeks ago. The first night was great. All the clients were helpful and encouraging. The second set.. I can only say I must not have been "there" which makes a huge difference. At the time I wasn't sleeping so I just felt drained.. Physically, Emotionally. It was a bad night. Looking back I realize why now. I'm glad it was something changeable. :) Third week in clinics was a nice change of pace. My first hour I spent doing clerical work. Filing, making phone calls.. It was relaxing. So my new clients got the best of it. I am a little concerned with clinics and the girlish fears we have. Leaving at night. I was the last one out and my car was the only one left in the student parking lot. It's not a huge parking lot. The idea is that its in the back of the school, the other buildings around are offices , so in reality, if you think about it. Its scary. I have decided that I will start parking in the front of the building for clinics. I know we as students are not supposed to. I just would feel safer if I did.
I am trying very hard to take my business class seriously. It is hard when you have already planned another year of schooling to get into your specialty. We did resumes, mock interviews, we are even planning to create our own business to present to the class by the end. I had a beautiful idea planned. Very serious, serene, elegant. Then I had a crazy fun idea. And I think I'm going to run with it.
Its been a long hard road.. Full of personal and public BS. I haven't had much time to do anything other than survive. I've been trying to get everything ready for Anthony's back to school. He requested that he not get a new backpack this year. However, he wanted some patches sewn on it. Lovely idea. The fabric of the backpack was very hard to sew on by hand. The placement of some of the patches required I sew them that way. One small patch I just decided to Fabric Glue it down. Such a small patch the sewing needle was more of a pain then a help. The others were on large pockets I could flip open and sew from there. I still have three tiny mushroom patches to sew on. I'm getting there. I am also planning on showing you how to make an oil holster from the left over fabric of the face cradle. All I have in my stock is black belt clips and belting. Which really goes horribly with the white and green gators. I have to get some white. If I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it right. I am so very OCD like that. So that is my plan for my day off today. Grocery Shopping, Getting White belting and clips, and taking my son Swimming. We need to hit the pool. Us water babies need to saturate the skin!

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