Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching Up

Lets start with last week. Since it made a huge impact on my life. Well actually it was Thursday the 20th. I attended my son's meet the teacher night. Organized so you could bring school supplies, sign up for bus routes, PTO, Spirit Wear, ext. And of course meet your child's teacher for the first time before school starts. It is of course a wonderful idea. Besides of course the massive amounts of students, their younger siblings, and parents wondering around without a clue. There was not much surprise when that Sunday I woke up feeling as though the semi that had decided to hit me, would have just stopped with it's wheels deep in my gut. Like most colds, it got progressively worse. Starting in my nose, to my chest, and eventually found it's way into my voice box. Destroying what little voice I had left after filling my lungs with whatever crud it wanted to. Most of my colds have this progression, as an adult, I realized how even my colds are organized. LOL. Rob got sick too, the little ass, his body is some kind of demented machine. Went into a high fever the first night and by morning felt just fine. *sigh* I don't have that kind of luck. I spent the next week skipping my massive amounts of unsweetened iced tea with massive amounts of hot tea and orange juice. Though it wouldn't matter. As I mentioned earlier. My colds have this organized progression. I ended up missing my business class on Tuesday.... clinics on Wednesday... and Eastern on Thursday.... into the weekend..... into this past week... By Wednesday I was feeling a lot better. And Thursday I actually stopped having to blow my nose every 15 seconds. What a way to actually spent a week off from school. Now I must admit. Having a cold is perhaps a nightmare experience in so many levels. There are those small benefits of being sick. I call this NyQuil. I never slept so good. The past two weeks I have been in bed asleep before 10:00 every night. And I would wake up around 6ish every morning. All bad things have a blessing hidden in them. :)
Saturday, yesterday, I had my first taste of craniosacral therapy. It is a much talked about topic at school. I don't think there is a class I went through that it didn't somehow come up in discussion. That kind of thing grabs your attention. When I found out that as a student you get discounted CEU classes. Well, crap I'm all over that. So I signed up for the class. It was just a snipit of the full blown craniosacral being taught by Upledger. However, that's all I really needed to get a taste, to find out if it was worth the four day commitment it would take to enroll in Cranio 1. I need to take this time to explain something first. The instructor who is teaching this craniosacral class is also my instructor for Eastern. A very crude, straight-forward, but at the same time, very realistic instructor. He is one of those people that you either love or hate. Since having him in Eastern you really get an ide of how his brain works. With that I really have to thank him for making me the therapist I am. Right now at least. When I started school. I was hard nosed on the idea of draping. Specific draping lines, tucking, never put your hands under the drape, careful, careful, careful. I spent so much effort with this mindset, I found it hard to focus on other things. I remember trying to watch an Esslan massage given in a video on YouTube. I go nothing out of it. The entire time I was watching this guys hands go under the drape. Like a neurotic freak, I was hysterical. Being like that makes for a very crude therapist. After many discussions with my instructor I started "playing" with draping. Don't be afraid to get that stuff out of your way. Communicate with your client so they are aware of what your are doing. Simple things that I should have been doing all along. I was very protective, too afraid of my client to almost want to touch them. The more I was taking his words to heart the better clinics were going. I have this particular client, I call her mine because since our last massage, she re-books with me. Anyways. She and her mother have been coming to the clinic for months. Never before mattered who they got. This particular client told me that she was an avid runner. I took that as a cue to work the IT band and possibly do some nice stretches on her. I informed her what we were going to do, she was all for it. I was doing things I didn't think I had it in me. Making my client liable for the drape, stretching a client on the table. When we were finished she told me that was the best massage she had ever received. People say that all the time. What proved it to me was when I found out she told the clinic manager. And re-booked with me. That felt awesome. So, you really need to understand that I do have a lot of respect for someone who has made a dramatic change in the way I handle my massages.
Now, lets talk about craniosacral. Because I want to really hit it home that I mean no disrespect at all. If you walk into a treatment, as a therapist, whatever, keep an open mind. Someone who is not fond of energy work, will find it very hard to get anything out of this. I adore energy work. The power of the mind is an amazing thing and I really think if a person is in a positive state of mind it can have a huge effect of every aspect of their life. Rob, really not the energy person. Showing him what I had learned that evening. It was very difficult. That and even though he had a headache wouldn't sit still long enough for me to feel that I had done anything. At least I practiced. :)
The idea is making changes with 5 grams of pressure. The weight of a nickle. But even before you get to that point. You focus on trusting your fingers. We felt cardiac rhythm, we felt respiratory rhythm, and then.... there was something else. The way I was holding my hands on my partners head. The cardiac was in my palms, there was the respiratory on my right hand moving in a back and forth kind of pattern. My left hand felt something deeper. Faint but still enough that I could remain focused on the swaying front and back motion. Each rhythm felt completely different in my hands. I was so glad I could feel them at the same time. To really realize there were three distinct pulses.
I can understand why those with closed minds to energy work would find this therapy "hooky" If you want die hard proof of what this can do, I can't offer that. Much like someone can not offer proof of their faith, of feeling energy between two people, or to see auras. No, If you have your blinders on, you will never experience life to the fullest. The idea of moving something with 5 grams of pressure does sound "hooky" I assure you, the power of the mind is not "hooky" at all. I'm going to stick my neck out there and tell you. I think this work is "energy." Which isn't a bad thing. The reason energy therapies are so popular and "powerful" is simple. If you believe its happening. It is. If your clients believes, it is. I do not think energy therapies are to cure diseases. They are to put your brain in a positive state of mind. When your brain is in the right state it makes taking care of you so much easier. I hate to quote a show, but I feel its the right thing to do. Scrubs, a patient had a failing heart due to being sad. "If a person is in a positive place, it's easier to heal. If you're in a negative place.. well, remember to treat patients not only physically, but mentally too." I will again re-visit craniosacral today in about 3 1/2 hours. I am looking forward to it. And I am very glad I signed up for this class. I can tell you now, I prolly wont be investing 4 days to learn the whole shebang. I don't think that is where I want to head with my therapy career. In the future, who knows. Right now, my path is not leaning that way.

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