Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Oil Holster.

As promised this is how I made my oil holster. I never did like using them during my technique classes. I had always worn scrub pants that had an awesome side pocket that was perfect for my lotion bottle. It was comfortable to use and best of all it was never near the client on the table. With the holster there was always that possibility of scraping the client with the nozzle of the bottle. *sigh*
However, in the school clinic, they supply us with these horribly nasty scrubs to be "uniform." The scrubs do not have this side pocket that I had come to really enjoy. I had put off purchasing a holster because I just really had no intention of using one. I officially had two days before we started clinic. I couldn't order one online and the holsters at the student store were overpriced. So, I made one. It turned out super cute. Here is the one I use currently.

Now I'm going to show you how to make your very own oil holster. This one is going to match your sheets. You recently made a face cradle cover that matched your sheets. Now lets hit this OCD out of the park with an oil holster!

First you need to take the piece left over from the pillow case.

Step Two : We are going to cut the main piece of the holster. So grab your bottle of lotion. Place it on the fabric and judge how big you want your holster to be. Make sure to allow for a seam allowance. Also. Make this baby double thick. So just cut the total thickness of the pillowcase (both sides) Place the right sides together and sew up the two long sides. Making a tube. Turn it right sides out and iron your tube flat. The Top and Bottom should still be open.

Step Three : Place your bottle onto the fabric. Make sure there is a nice allowance at the top of the holster for your belting. I pinned it to show you how. Sew it down. I use a straight stitch here. Its cleaner and it doesn't require to be super strong. When you put your belting on. I just went ahead and measured it to fit me. Sew the belting clips on the ends. I'm sure you could make it adjustable. I didn't. If you want your holster be a little stronger. Feel free to put some interfacing in there. Because this fabric was thicker, I didn't.

Step Four : Making the holder for the bottle. You can use the main holster part. However, because I'm using fabric that may be hard to see. So I used a piece of white paper to show you what you should be doing. Make sure that you cut the bottle holder slightly thicker than the main piece. If you make it the same size your bottle will never fit into the pocket.

Step Five : We need to cut the pocket down now. You don't want the pocket to be as tall as the whole holster. Make it long enough that the bottle wont fly out while your using it, and short enough that you don't get lotion/oil all over the holster when you pump it out.

Step Six : We have the pocket cut out of both layers of fabric again. I do everything double layer. Anyways.. Right sides together sew the very top only. Open it up and iron it flat. Now flip it back over so that wrong sides are together and you have a nice seam at the top of your pocket. Go ahead and iron it flat this way so it lays nicely.

Step Seven : Sewing the bottom of the holster. Take the pocket and lay it on top the main piece. Remember the pocket will be a little wider. Start pinning in the middle, then pin each side. Now work your way inward pinning and separating so you have a nice even bunching. Don't worry about the sides of the holster yet, Lets focus on just the bottom. Once you have it pinned. Go ahead and sew the bottom together.

Step Eight : Now you can pin and sew the sides. Just line it up and sew.

Step Nine : Once you have the sides sewn up. Go ahead and put your lotion in the holster. Check it out to make sure your not squeezing the bottle in the pocket. Make sure it feels "right." If it doesn't then this is a perfect time to take out some stitched and find out what would make it better.

Step Ten : At this time, your going to want to cover those un-sightly stitches. I'm showing this with white bias tape. I prefer the Wrights brand Double Fold Bias Tape, Extra Wide. But with this gator print.. the white just looked horrific and I ended up making my own bias tape with the fabric I had left over. For sake of showing you I pinned it on there. Pin the bias tape all the way around the pocket. Side, bottom, side. Now sew it as best you can. Use a stretch stitch that will catch all the layers.

YOUR DONE! Enjoy! And thanks for reading!

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