Sunday, November 8, 2009

Playing Catch Up.. Again.

October was hell. I'm putting that out there right now. It seemed like every weekend I had class. And everyday something else was stressing me out. At one point I questioned if I actually lived at the school or not. It was really a nightmare. Now that November is upon us, I realised I need to get my ass in gear and accomplish a few things. First things first though, last year I had enough of the tiny 5ft Xmas tree we had been dealing with for years. Every year I would find something for the tree to stand on to make it appear taller. At one point it was a plastic toddler table. *sigh* So for Xmas all I wanted was a new tree. I spent some time with my folks last year and when when I got home I got my wish. There was my new tree. A 7.5 foot pre-lit flocked Xmas tree. Because it was after Xmas I wasn't allowed to put it up. I waited a whole year. Every time I pulled in the garage there it was just waiting.. November 3rd, as I tore down all the Halloween hoopla, I put my tree up. I know, right? November and I have my Xmas tree up. I wouldn't wait any longer. I will admit it was kind of a pain in the butt. For year we had used a table to put the tree on. Now. I needed to move the table out of the way. Which was cool and it sucked all the same. Where was the table going to go for my new tree? We made do. As for the construction of this tree. I was in aw. My previous tree had a base, a pole, and each branch was individually put on the tree and then flared. Lots of work. This tree, a base, and (4) sections that plugged into each other. Each branch was attached to the sections that dropped as it was put onto the section below. All you had to do was flare the branches when it was all plugged in. Awesome! The first time around was a mess. Being that it's flocked, there was white powder on everything. It's worth it though. The tree is beautiful.

After digging out my Xmas things, I noticed that having a much larger tree requires more ornaments. For years we have only used a 12 pack of bulbs and it worked out just fine. Those 12 covered one side of the tree. It was kind of sad really. And I wasn't thrilled with the multi colored ornaments. Yes, they are pretty. However, they just didn't "go" with the tree. Oddly enough I found some brown toned ornaments and fell in love. Wasn't sure how well they would look with the white flocked tree. Amazing how much I like it. Everything in the house is earth tones. We have a black pleather sectional couch with brown, tan, chocolate colored suede cushions. The shower curtain is a striped brown, tan, chocolate suede, the window curtains are the same. Now the tree ornaments match too. LOL.

My class recently found out that one of our mates is pregnant. And another is getting married in January. So we are throwing a brides and babies shower for them. I decided to make a towel cake for the bride. When I got the cake part done I went on a search for flowers. It was crazy. No matter where I looked I couldn't find blue roses anywhere. The white cake needed some kind of color on it. I didn't want to use white flowers on a white cake. I ended up making blue roses from some card stock I had, then putting quilting pins in them to hold them to the cake. It actually turned out beautiful. I'm so happy. I need to go out and get some tulle to wrap around the cake because its going to be very hard to carry my school things and the party things. Going to be making several trips that night.. LOL. Here are the two pics I took of the cake.

The class also suggested that everyone bring a finger food of some kind. I was really excited about making mini somethings. LOL. I attempted to make mini pies. They turned out so cute that I decided to bring them. My first batch were cherry. The ones for the party will be apple. :)

As for the mother-to-be I had a baby blanket panel from awhile ago so, I just bound the edges and then made some baby sock roses too.

OH, and here is the image of the bridal shower card I made. I was dinking around with ideas for the baby shower card. Couldn't find anything that struck my fancy so I hadn't made one. A classmate actually went out and purchased a card. Though I would like to make something. I don't feel as if I need to if I can't find anything I really like. I wont stop looking till the day of the party though.. LOL. I really want to make her a card too.

And of course it being November. I needed to start on the Xmas cards for the year. Last year I made all different kinds. And as fun as that was. I decided that this year they would be all the same. Boring? Maybe. However, I just don't want to feel rushed. I also have gifts that need to be made too. So I would like to have some time to do that as well and not do things last minute which tends to always happen. So here is what I picked for the card this year. Simple, elegant. Stress-free. LOL

And now on to something more annoying. Without pictures. LOL.

I hadn't seen a doctor since my hysterectomy over a year ago. And felt it was time to do so. The pains in my legs never went away. I'm getting three hours of sleep a night (which is why so many projects have been getting done, but really 3 hours a night) and I just was feeling like something had to be done. So there I was indulging in all my ailments. They suggested I take a blood test and find out whats going on. Could be as simple as a vit deficiency. Which truly was what I was hoping for. Not likely. My fat kid obsession for ice cream got me nailed with high blood sugar levels. So I get to test that everyday. Along with my horrible eating habits (I really think my lack of being home and not eating right were going hand in hand) So I have high cholesterol as well. UGG. So now I'm watching everything I eat. Which isn't the best thing. So instead of just eating food. I'm not eating at all because I don't know what I can and can not eat to help lower my insanely high levels. I had been looking up foods that would help lower my levels. It seems like all the foods I love I can't eat. And all the foods I really don't like. I should be eating. I'm not into pill popping especially for my cholesterol. I'm not big on killing my kidneys. Which one of the side effects of the pill states in not so many words.. (yellowing skin and eyes) <--- kidney failure. No thank you. So I'm really wanting to help by eating better. I guess the best thing to do is just suck it up and do it. At least its curable at this point, right? :) I was OK with taking the meds for the blood sugar. The side effects were not too bad. Then I found out my headaches that I was having was a side effect. Not like any other headache I have ever had. In fact it was awful. It was the very crown of my head like a little monster trying to break through. Here was the worst part. It was a medicine headache, so if I took Excedrin to cut the headache it would only get worse cause its more medicine. UGG. I spent an hour (60 minutes) in the shower with the water on HOT, sitting in the tub while the shower just drenched me. It felt awesome till I stood up and noticed how hot the water really was. LOL. The headache subsided a bit. It's still there. At least its not knocking me on my ass like it was earlier though. Gotta take care of myself before I can care for others, right? :) So that's what I'm doing. :)
Thanks for reading. Letting me vent. Live long and prosper and all that jazz. I have some more projects planned for the near future so expect more logs soon. :)
Ta Ta For Now.