Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cards and Such.

A Pokemon card I was playing with. I'm thinking next time I make this, I will have it open like a pokemon ball. Possibly include some pokemon too. There are tons of things to do with something like this.

Anthony and I are Ben 10 fans. Perhaps me more so then him. But such a simple but fun idea. I was also thinking the same style and using different numbers for a birthday card.

I was on the lookout for a good recipe for Blueberry Muffins. I ran across this one.
I have made it several times by now. So far there hasn't been a bad batch. Rob has asked me to make these on many occasions. So Yummy.

Easter is upon us. Anthony is also getting too old to go for the usual easter things. So here I did a little playing with a more "boyish" bunny attitude. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010


I passed
I passed
I passed
I passed

I'm sooooo happy. WOOHOO....

I passed my test!!! YAY !!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let's start something else.

So the whole, keeping my blood/sugar thing isn't going as well as I would like it to. And of course the meds the doctor has me on really needs something left to be desired. I found myself freezing my ass off the other day. The house was 71 and I'm an ice-cube. Then on top of it felt like I was walking on glass. Called the doctor only for them to tell me it's the diabetes. Well funny how that is.. I was actually running a bit low that day. So are you telling me that I'm going to feel worse the lower my blood/sugar gets? I ended up doing some online research about the meds I was taking. I mean the one I had no issues with but when I started taking the other. I just feel worse and worse. My sleeping is all out of whack again, my legs hurt, I'm tired all the time. I ended up not taking the second meds. I started to feel fine again. Told the doctor about my issues with the meds. They insisted it was my diabetes and the idea that I was off my second med was pure coincidence. A little more research and wouldn't ya know. Side-effects of overdose of my first meds are exactly what I have been feeling. I find out that most people on this med are taking it once a day at bedtime. Where I am taking it twice a day. Concerned? Yup I am. So I call the doctor back and explain my concern. They still have not called me back. I hate it when doctors don't listen. Give me a reason to take the meds? Don't just tell me shit I already know. Give me something. I can't feel worse and be expected to continue.
My new plan? Figure shit out on my own. Cause the meds make me sick. The checking my blood/sugar twenty thousand times a day is getting to be a pain, and my fingers can't take much more of this either. Obviously something needs to be done. My new plan? Raw food diet. The idea with diabetes is you need to eat more veggies then protein. Not so many carbs. Yadda Yadda Yadda. So a raw food diet just seems like the best step. For me anyways. I mean.. Can you really eat too many veggies? Doubtful. And with eating better comes loosing the weight which is also a factor of the diabetes.. SOOOO.. this just makes sense.
I started yesterday. Made home-made cole slaw. I adore cole slaw.. No one else in my family does. Which is a shame. I couldn't find cabbage at the grocery store. So I ended up getting those bags of pre-cut slaw mix. With the cabbage and carrots. Then you mix your own "dressing." I used Agate Nector, olive oil, dry mustard and lemon. Have to say it turned out really yummy. I think thats all I ate yesterday. Like I said. No one else likes it so I felt I needed to eat it before it went bad. I know, I just made it yesterday. Anyways. I also got a honeydew melon for Anthony. Corn, coconuts. All kinds of fun foods. The plan today is to make coconut yogurt. And then possibly a smoothie with that. I'll let you know how that goes. So far I have been able to keep my blood/sugar under 200. Which I realize is high.. BUT.. Considering what it has been lately. Thats awesome. Wish me luck!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Adding Images.

The Craft-Robo Hard at work. As always!!

This is what I made for Anthony for Valentine's day. I wrapped a package of Valentine Chocolate covered sunflower seeds. He loves these and they are so good for him. YAY! The tiny card reads : YOU ARE THE BEST SON-FLOWER I COULD EVER ASK FOR! HAPPY V-DAY. LOVE MOM

These are images of Anthony's Valentine Box we made. This was something that we had planned doing for awhile. So when school said we could make a box. It just kind of came together. Made from a whole $3.00 of FOAMIES thick craft foam and then drawn on with an extra fine Sharpie Marker. The CD drive was the slot for the cards. And instead of having a base on the wii itself we just let the base of the holder be the "bottom" so that he could take the wii off the base to retrieve his valentines!

These are images of the gift I purchased for Rob for Valentine's Day. He has wanted a good shaving mug for awhile. Since he discovered shaving with a "safety" razor. Not sure if it looks too safe, but I do have to admit it gets an awesome close shave. He wanted just a plain mug nothing fancy. I ended up finding this one on accident. Even better it came with a soap in a scent of my choice. So, I chose Lime and Coconut. Turned out HE LOVED IT! Yeah I gave it to him early. We have this thing about not being able to keep secrets from each other. Not even presents.. LOL.

These are better images of the gift for Anthony's teacher. I ended up adding a pencil box full of #2 pencils. I also added a small paper-craft box with chocolates and of course one of Anthony's personalized Pokemon cards.

As promised these are the images from the box that Anthony made for school. We didn't measure the front page to the box before we started so the front had a lip on it all the way around. I figured it was only 5 extra points we were just going to leave it as is. I think he did a rockin' job on the project. :)

Okay. Those are my updates for the time being. Hope all is well with you. See ya soon!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Mom projects.

Everyday I realise more and more that my little man is growing up. And I end up doing less and less for him OR I end up biting my lip when it comes to projects. For example we got an email the other day with an extra credit opportunity. I always like these because it gives the kids a chance to be creative. I do at this point have to admit. Anthony has a lot of spirit when it comes to creativity, alas it's the drive that is not there. So I end up getting really excited about these things. This in turn becomes a mom project and less his. Nope not this time. I'm being good. The kids are studying rocks and minerals in science. For extra credit they are to take what information they learned during this unit and create a cereal, well actually just the box for the cereal. After getting the email I found a website that had all the different kinds of rocks on it, pictures, and how each is formed. Everything he needed to push him in the right direction. We even had an empty cereal box that he could use. I helped him brainstorm and I did use my mad computer skills to help merge an image of a skeleton to hold a shell. The rest I am leaving up to him. I am suggesting if he is going to use the box he will have to do all of it and not just a front cover of a box. Nutrition facts and all. We plan on working on it this weekend. I will post pictures when we are all done.
I do get my own mom project though. V-day is fast approaching, when I get the chance to craft some things. I will do it. Even if it is silly and pointless. That tends to happen a lot around the holidays when I just can't stop crafting just for the sake of doing it.
I wanted to make a gift basket of sorts for Anthony's teacher. I felt silly giving her just the modded hand sanitizer bottle with one of the valentine cards we made. I ended up finding a 4-soda bottle holder. It still had two of the bottles in it. I did not end up using them. They will prolly be put in the recycling. I have not decided yet. Anyway. This is a pic of my "supplies"

I love pink. LOL. I don't get to use it alot being that I have a little boy. I can't even imagine how bad I would be if I had a little girl. While it was snowing out today I sat and watched "Lie to Me" on Hulu and covered the box. I noticed the sanitizer bottle didn't really match afterwards. The red and white check bow just didn't "go." I left it anyway. I also crafted some Hershey "hug" roses and a nice little scalloped edge flower holder I found in matching decorative scrap paper. I put my little sticky-note holder in the basket, I just need to find another piece of matching ribbon to tie around this box of pencils I got. I figured I would take them out of the box and just wrap them like a bouquet. I have to say it turned out so adorable. I even found two little lime green bows in my craft stash to put on either side of the box. Here is the finished project. Minis the pencils of course.

I was expecting Anthony to get out of school early today because of the snow. This morning is drizzled just a little. Enough for him to catch tiny snowflakes in his mouth as he waited for the bus. The little girl next door must have thought we were nuts standing in the driveway catching snow on our tongues. Oh well!!
It just kept snowing harder and harder. At around noon I looked back outside and saw the cars in the driveway covered in snow. I've been checking the school closings most of the day. One by one the surrounding areas have been getting out early. It is now about 2:20 in the afternoon. I doubt very much he will be coming home early. I should stop looking at the school closing screen on the news website. Just can't help myself. I still miss him terribly when he is at school.
I guess that's all that is going on... I will post the finished cereal box when we are done. I'm out!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week of January 24 - 30

I guess, lets start on the 27th. Wednesday. Started as any other day, I was up by 4 a.m and had started the laundry for lack of anything better to do. Productive anyway. So by the time the boys woke up I had most of the laundry done. Rob had made the comment that it was in fact Wednesday and that I always do laundry on Wednesday. Which at one point was true. When we lived in Iowa, I somehow had every Wednesday off from work. So naturally I would do laundry on that day. But since then I just do it when it needs to get done. Most often in the wee hours of morning because I'm up anyway. On this particular day however, I thought. Wow, Really you want me to do laundry on my birthday. Thanks babe.
Now Anthony gets up around 6:45 in the morning so that he has plenty of time to get ready for school and have time to play a bit before spending seven hours in a learning environment. This particular day. He screams down from the top of the stairs "Mom, Why didn't you wake me up!!" It was only 6:15 in the morning and I was already told to do laundry and my son was yelling at me that I hadn't woken him up before his alarm. Yay. It was going to be a good day, right?
The rest of the day went fine nothing too exciting. Rob's mother wanted to take us out to eat for dinner to celebrate my birthday. I was OK with that. We ended up going to Jack Stack BBQ. The food was good, the time with them was good. It was brought up that I was the birthday girl several times during the meal. Yeah Yeah whatever. Then the waitress cleaned up our plates and before delivering the check brought over this giant piece of brownie topped with ice cream. This sweet gesture almost put me in tears. No, not because aww that's so sweet.. But, Gee thanks, I'm diabetic, I can't eat that. Though I didn't say anything. I was just glad she brought 4 extra spoons for everyone at the table to eat it. This diabetic stuff bites. Rob did make me a cake though. He found a diabetic recipe for carrot cake without using those artificial sweeteners and its really good. Has the consistency of bread pudding and it is still "sweet." I have to admit that my sweet tooth has taken a back-seat to my food intake. So the sugar free ice cream actually sat in the freezer for over a month. No ice cream has ever done that before. I also don't eat as much as I used to. Which brings me to the 28th.

Today was a friend of mine's birthday. I had an appointment to give a Hot Stone massage around 1 in the afternoon. So the room was already set up. While talking to her she said how nice it would be to have one. I told her she was more then welcome to come over and have a hot stone massage. I can always clean up and have everything ready for my appointment. Naturally who would turn that down. It's been awhile since I had the stones out. Rob isn't fond of them so I never use them on him. After our hot stone class I just had to have them. Now, I just have to use them. Anyways. So breakfast that morning consisted of watching my son devour 4 eggs, bacon, and toast. So instead of having 2 of those eggs like I had planned. I had a sliver of carrot cake. Gave a hot stone massage, had just enough time to clean up before giving another hot stone massage, clean up, now preparing for Anthony to come home from school. By that time, I was in so much pain you would have thought I ate a measuring cup full of sugar. I was tired. Not sleepy tired, but, the tired you get when you have been up all night and you are working on day two of insomnia. Actually laying down at this point makes your feet hurt worse. Anthony rubbed my feet for almost ten minutes. And they would start hurting again. I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't. I wanted to do something but lay there. I didn't have the energy too. However, because my feet hurt so bad. My son asked if I had taken my blood sugar. Usually when my feet hurt this bad my blood sugar has sky-rocketed. So I thought it was a good idea. Quite the opposite though. I was in hypoglycaemia. Which is a new one for me. Not used to being that low. Wow. Rob went out and purchased some Root-beer Milk, which is another sweet treat I had to put on the back burner. With my root-beer milk I had the leftover brownie from Jack Stack. There was a small container left of it which I finished off. LOL. Surprising how much better I felt afterwards. I guess this means I need to eat more then once a day. LOL
There was this wonderful ad in the newspaper about a sale at the local grocery store. I ended up going around 10 in the morning. I like the option of going this early. The only other shoppers are the older people who hardly go down the isles I'm in. Spent a little over $90 on over 100 items. Awesome. Purchased tons of soups and canned goods which are always nice to stock up on every month or so. The funny thing is. We were planning on hitting a few of the unclaimed freight stores on Saturday. So I had a list for those places and a list for groceries. I like buying cleaners and napkins from the unclaimed freight places. Sometimes they are a lot cheaper then even wallyworld. I also treated myself to a container of blueberries. I spent $4 on them. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something nice.
The rest of the day I spent cleaning up my desk. I ended up moving my small OLFA cutting mat because at this point. I've damaged it beyond repair. I have two of them sitting on my "L" shaped desk at home. One large 36x24 mat that sits on the other end of my desk. My windows computer sits on the corner attached to my craft robo, my label printer, all that jazz. The curve of the desk houses my printer, then my wooden paper holder, all the way to the other end of the desk which holds my Linux computer. I use for everyday life. Email, Blogging, Facebook. LOL. Anyways. The curve in front of the paper holder and the printer was my smaller 24x18 OLFA mat. This is actually where my extended arm lamp reaches too and find that all my "work" is done here. Now that I've been heat embossing. I have been doing that there as well. The first time I was so upset with myself for not remembering those mats can be warped with heat. I ended up pushing it under the wooden paper holder for the weight to flatten it out a bit. Then I played with the heat gun again on the other side of the mat. ARG!!! I've decided the mat needed to be completely moved. There was too much temptation to actually "work" on my workspace. It is not sitting under my larger mat under the craft robo. *sigh*
The 30th.
Awhile ago Rob had gone to the dentist. They suggested he see someone for his TMJ issues (his jaw locks in the open position) Instead of seeing someone we don't know. I suggested he book an appointment with one of my instructors. The plan was, I would take Anthony swimming at the pool this morning while the two of them worked. Weather had other plans. I'm not big on driving in the snow. The sun hadn't come up yet and there were no way I wanted to drive in this. I decided to just hang out in the basement like Rob does when I have people come over for massage. Rob instead suggested I answer the door. My instructor had no idea it was my significant other needing the work and Rob felt the instructor would be more weirded out by finding out later that I was there rather then just being there.
So I got to watch the Craniosacral TMJ session. Yup boring as paint dry. However. Seeing a session and watching results on the first day. that's impressive. The hour and a half went by really quickly. We worked and laughed. It was a good time had by all.
Afterwards we set off for Cargo Largo (one of those odd lot stores) We purchased a few things I even picked up a stamp set. A 62 clear calendar stamp set for $1.50 Awesome. Fiskars brand (Li'l Davis Designs) Found them on Amazon for $17.00 Nice!! ( http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0017L096G/ref=asc_df_B0017L096G1017294?tag=the004-20&creative=380333&creativeASIN=B0017L096G&linkCode=asn )
After going to another odd lots store and picking up other strange things. Including a bag of frozen blueberries for $5.00 we headed home.
We stopped at Arby's. I was craving. The guys messed up our order by giving us two large fries and three small fries instead of 3 small drinks. Instead of dinking with refunding. They gave us our three small drinks. While we were eating our sandwiches, one of the gentlemen came out with another tray. This time with the three small fries and three of their turnovers a cherry and two apple. Dude.. That's a lot of food. But whatever. We ended up taking most of it home. Later I thought. Damn, we should have gotten Arby sauce for the left over sandwiches.. LOL
On to tomorrow which I will yet again enjoy Rob's dad visiting. He wont be staying the night like I had originally thought. However. Because Rob's truck isn't in working condition at the moment. Will they be taking my car all over town? Or can they take his car? I'm hoping they take his. What if I want to go somewhere? LOL

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Rx bottle.

A few months ago. I was told I have Type 2 Diabetes. Which is turn has made my old habits hard to break. I have a sugar addiction. On the plus side, I don't have odd pains any-more and the idea that my family and I are eating much healthier. The Nutrition labels don't worry me because I actually understand them and know how to read the information for MY lifestyle. Back to the topic at hand. I have realised that with this new adventure in life. It comes with a lot of prescription bottles. Every month I have at least 3 bottles not to mention the other members of my family who may have some. At one point we were throwing them away after rinsing them out. I began searching new ways to re-invent the Rx bottle. My son is old enough to know meds are not candy. SOO Here is a fun list of ways My family and I are giving new life into those amber bottles. Always remember to clean your bottles out before using them for ANYTHING.

1. The Craft Supplies

I don't know about you, but, when I took on scrap booking, card making,embossing,painting. ext. I took on a lot of little things too. brads, buttons, sequins, rhinestones. Yeah what a crazy amount of stuff. And to top it off. Finding a premade container for all that to organize sets you back a pretty penny when you think of all the individual things you need to organize.
(I took a snapshot of my "brads" drawer in my craft room"

2. Home Helpers

Screws, nails, picture hangers, paper clips, rubber bands, push pins, The larger bottles will even hold Hot Glue sticks.

3. A mini Sewing Kit

4. Mixing

From paint to crafting powders. These are great for making your own colors and storing them so you can reuse them. Remember to label the container with your instructions so you know how to repeat it when it runs out.

5. Traveling

Don't take the entire medicine bottle traveling with you. Unless you need ALL of it. Take only what you need. You can also use the bottles for trial size Shampoo, Body Wash, if you use Tooth Flossers instead of Floss, Q-tips.

6. Change Please!

Carry your loose change in it. Easy to find in your purse or even in your car if you hit those tolls. Collecting change at home is another use.

7. First Aid Kit

Band-aid, Neosporin, sample asprin, This is nice for in the car, at your desk at work, in your purse

8. Seeds!

Either as a seed starter or a seed saver.

9. Creating your own humorous Rx label to give to an adult. Fill with candy.

10. Homemade Spices & Steak Rubs.

11. Camping

Matches fit nicely and will stay dry in the containers.

12. Single Serving Friends

Salad Dressings, BBQ sauces. Anything you would need for a lunch at the office.

The next three come with a nice suggestion. Call before bring your stash all the way across town to do. Remember not everyone is going to clean up their bottles. So if they say NO it's for a reason. However.

13. Donations.

Vets sometimes use them for pet meds to foster homes.
Free clinics
Homeless Shelters

Just remember if you have small children in the house. Be careful about your med bottles. Don't confuse a child by putting their Cheerios in them. Don't be that person. Be responsible. I've got serious OCD sometimes and a lot of my bottles are marked with a label maker. However I know that if I had family or friends over who had small children. I would not have my bottles just laying around.

Yes I did need to say that because for some reason there are stupid people out there who need it spelled out for them what the dangers are. Should I have to tell you not to stick your pet in the microwave? NO, I shouldn't have to, but some idiot did it and now we have to dumb everything down for those people. so. WASH THE BOTTLES BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANYTHING WITH THEM!!!

Thanks For Reading!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

AHHH So much better.

Every time I stared at the bottle I was more and more upset about how it turned out. I tore off the "clear" label and started over. I had the most beautiful thick rubbery heart stickers in my stash. I never used them because paper seemed so... not good enough... I suppose, for these stickers. But, Boy O Boy.. were they perfect for this project. I am SO very happy with how the hand sanitizer bottle turned out and was ready to tackle another project of the day.

As for my attempt at embossing. I was not ready to give up that project so easy. I went back to Michaels. Funny enough I stared blankly at all the little bottles of glitters and puff powder. I must have look confused. Another customer approached me and asked if I had been doing embossing long. I had to explain my silly situation and how I had no clue. So she asked what I was doing. Lovely lady. Handed me a bottle marked EMBOSSING POWDER. There may have been my problem. Right company wrong product. I was so eager to get home and try my hand at this once more. Talk about night and day experience.. The first one I made was on white card stock. A tiny piece to try. The other was just a strip of scrap paper that I was stamping different colors on. Here is what happened!

Beautiful!! I'm so happy it turned out. I can't wait to make a full project out of this!! Today has been a very uplifting day. :)

Personalized Germ-X Bottle attempt.

I wanted to give the teacher something unique. Maybe even something she could use on a daily basis. At the same time I didn't want it to be just another valentine card that we just end up throwing away. Unless your a pack-rat of course. I know I still hang on to every scrap of paper the little one has brought home. Eventually I will need to knock that off.. Anyway. So this was my attempt at the hand sanitiser personalised bottle.

Starting with the bottle. Naturally. I took the lable off very easily. I only wiped it down with Goo B Gone just for safety sake.

Then I printed a label using an Avery product that "claimed" to be CLEAR. Only after the project was printed did I realise it was more of a foggy clear. Not to thrilled with that.

Here is the image I took with the Avery packaging
and the label that I created for the bottle.
Being that it was for Valentine Day I used the font "A Girl's
Crush" which has hearts in the writing. Very cute.

The label reads : Mrs Collom, Thanks for being the sweetest

Which is so true. Of all the teachers we have gone through,
I think this one impresses me the most.

And this is the image of the finished project. Not too thrilled with the cloudy lable. BUT.. It will be fine. I plan on getting a gift basket together along with this and making a little teacher survival basket for her.

Not sure what to put in it.. But I think I will come up with some pretty interesting things.

Yes, I do plan on trying this project again. No I will not be using this labels again. Im very dissatisfied with how they turned out.
I might actually just try the other method I started reading about after I got this finished. It was using overhead projector paper and then sticking the actual creation in the bottle and stick it to the inside. Hrm.. That would be interesting to try!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspired by a game I find completely addicting. I made some Birthday cards.

If you were to ask me why I started playing the game in the first place. I don't really know why. Anthony was playing it and for awhile Rob was too. I felt kind of left out. Now I'm addicted to the damn game I even think of playing it in my sleep. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. The second step is to STOP PLAYING IT. Where in lies the problem. ARG!!!
I think I just need to get out of the house more.

So I thought I just needed a new technique to my list of hobbies I like doing. Last night while we were running around KS trying to find various things. I stopped by Michaels and picked up an embossing pad, a new valentine stamp, and some ultra fine red glitter. I saw a video on raised embossing with these materials and was dying to try it myself. Figured this would be really cute for my scrapbooking and my card making. May even be cute for tags and OH the possibilities. I picked up a LIPS stamp from the $1 bin. Figured I didn't really know what I was getting into and was a little nervous about messing up an expensive stamp. Sooo this was a cute attempt.
Now after reading several forums and How-Tos I realised there was nothing to this. Stamp, Glitter, Apply Heat. Wow! Right? Well I must be doing something wrong.. I stamped.. I glittered. I applied heat ( the first time I browned the paper. ACK SMOKE! better stop.) The second time I kept the heat gun moving but still couldn't manage to get the glitter to melt. I have glittered lips all over now. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong. I'm going to attempt the process again with the iron. Thinking maybe my heat source isn't working right.
The reason I thought I wanted to try this was because Rob got a heat gun for the holidays to fix his electrical things at home. Well if I could use it too.... I dunno.
Late last night while I was still up. I realised that my heating had done some damage to my green OLFA cutting mat. I should have known better. Don't heat those things up. But it IS my work surface, at the time I thought nothing of it. At least it's the little mat and not the big one. *sigh* we live and learn, right?
A side note : Today is day TWO of Anthony taking the bus to and from school. I'm not sure if I like it yet. LOL.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Fun Filled Goodies Page

Before the holidays I was dinking around with attempting a Buddy the elf hat. This is the first try at it. I think it turned out alright. Not perfect but enough that my son really enjoyed it and there wasnt a day that went by that I didn't see him with it on. Since the first inception of the thing. I have yet to try again. Lots of things going on.

My brother and his soon to be wife are expecting another child. Unfortunately when they were visiting my parents home. I was back home. However I did get a chance to sit down and make them a card for the occasion. I also bought the cutest little sleep bag that was nice and warm with a design of Winnie the Pooh on it.

While I was making cards. I was playing with some news stamps I ran across while at Cargo Largo. It's a set of flowers, fences, little bees or butterflies. Really cute. And of course the saying that went so beautifully with it;

"Every Flower that has ever bloomed, went through a lotta dirt to get there"

Which is so true. :) I sent it the card to my mother.

We were sending gift cards out and needed something cute and clever to pack them in. It took me a few tries to get the size right. The packaged gift cards are so much bigger then the cards themselves. The colors are beautiful and Im glad I took a pic of it after I was done.

While at my folks place. We were snowed in during that huge blizzard at the end of 2009. Not that anyone really minded not traveling. The snow was nearly to the roof from the ground. My little one loved playing in the giant mounds of snow. He tells me his favorite part was throwing snow into the snow blower while my father plowed the sidewalks. Such fun memories.

I wanted 2010 Valentines to be something different. And since most, if not all, of my nieces and nephews are Pokemon addicts I thought making homemade pokemon valentine cards would be awesome. I actually found this site called. MyPokeCard.com where you can upload your own image and stats creating your very own pokemon cards. We chose a Godzilla love theme. We love Godzilla and since it was for Valentines day the picture was just perfect. Then of course we printed backs both out of cardstock and glued them together to create the card. When I shrunk the card down to be "pokemon" sized I noticed that the writing was a little hard to read. So I ended up hand writing the directions for each attack on them. Thats O.K. though. And of course we are going to make little envelopes for each pokemon card so that we can attach a piece of candy to each one.

Well thats my update for the time being. I have some other projects on the drawing board and will be posted when I get the chance. Perhaps in a few weeks. No promises. :)