Friday, January 22, 2010

AHHH So much better.

Every time I stared at the bottle I was more and more upset about how it turned out. I tore off the "clear" label and started over. I had the most beautiful thick rubbery heart stickers in my stash. I never used them because paper seemed so... not good enough... I suppose, for these stickers. But, Boy O Boy.. were they perfect for this project. I am SO very happy with how the hand sanitizer bottle turned out and was ready to tackle another project of the day.

As for my attempt at embossing. I was not ready to give up that project so easy. I went back to Michaels. Funny enough I stared blankly at all the little bottles of glitters and puff powder. I must have look confused. Another customer approached me and asked if I had been doing embossing long. I had to explain my silly situation and how I had no clue. So she asked what I was doing. Lovely lady. Handed me a bottle marked EMBOSSING POWDER. There may have been my problem. Right company wrong product. I was so eager to get home and try my hand at this once more. Talk about night and day experience.. The first one I made was on white card stock. A tiny piece to try. The other was just a strip of scrap paper that I was stamping different colors on. Here is what happened!

Beautiful!! I'm so happy it turned out. I can't wait to make a full project out of this!! Today has been a very uplifting day. :)

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