Sunday, January 17, 2010

Another Fun Filled Goodies Page

Before the holidays I was dinking around with attempting a Buddy the elf hat. This is the first try at it. I think it turned out alright. Not perfect but enough that my son really enjoyed it and there wasnt a day that went by that I didn't see him with it on. Since the first inception of the thing. I have yet to try again. Lots of things going on.

My brother and his soon to be wife are expecting another child. Unfortunately when they were visiting my parents home. I was back home. However I did get a chance to sit down and make them a card for the occasion. I also bought the cutest little sleep bag that was nice and warm with a design of Winnie the Pooh on it.

While I was making cards. I was playing with some news stamps I ran across while at Cargo Largo. It's a set of flowers, fences, little bees or butterflies. Really cute. And of course the saying that went so beautifully with it;

"Every Flower that has ever bloomed, went through a lotta dirt to get there"

Which is so true. :) I sent it the card to my mother.

We were sending gift cards out and needed something cute and clever to pack them in. It took me a few tries to get the size right. The packaged gift cards are so much bigger then the cards themselves. The colors are beautiful and Im glad I took a pic of it after I was done.

While at my folks place. We were snowed in during that huge blizzard at the end of 2009. Not that anyone really minded not traveling. The snow was nearly to the roof from the ground. My little one loved playing in the giant mounds of snow. He tells me his favorite part was throwing snow into the snow blower while my father plowed the sidewalks. Such fun memories.

I wanted 2010 Valentines to be something different. And since most, if not all, of my nieces and nephews are Pokemon addicts I thought making homemade pokemon valentine cards would be awesome. I actually found this site called. where you can upload your own image and stats creating your very own pokemon cards. We chose a Godzilla love theme. We love Godzilla and since it was for Valentines day the picture was just perfect. Then of course we printed backs both out of cardstock and glued them together to create the card. When I shrunk the card down to be "pokemon" sized I noticed that the writing was a little hard to read. So I ended up hand writing the directions for each attack on them. Thats O.K. though. And of course we are going to make little envelopes for each pokemon card so that we can attach a piece of candy to each one.

Well thats my update for the time being. I have some other projects on the drawing board and will be posted when I get the chance. Perhaps in a few weeks. No promises. :)

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