Friday, January 22, 2010

Personalized Germ-X Bottle attempt.

I wanted to give the teacher something unique. Maybe even something she could use on a daily basis. At the same time I didn't want it to be just another valentine card that we just end up throwing away. Unless your a pack-rat of course. I know I still hang on to every scrap of paper the little one has brought home. Eventually I will need to knock that off.. Anyway. So this was my attempt at the hand sanitiser personalised bottle.

Starting with the bottle. Naturally. I took the lable off very easily. I only wiped it down with Goo B Gone just for safety sake.

Then I printed a label using an Avery product that "claimed" to be CLEAR. Only after the project was printed did I realise it was more of a foggy clear. Not to thrilled with that.

Here is the image I took with the Avery packaging
and the label that I created for the bottle.
Being that it was for Valentine Day I used the font "A Girl's
Crush" which has hearts in the writing. Very cute.

The label reads : Mrs Collom, Thanks for being the sweetest

Which is so true. Of all the teachers we have gone through,
I think this one impresses me the most.

And this is the image of the finished project. Not too thrilled with the cloudy lable. BUT.. It will be fine. I plan on getting a gift basket together along with this and making a little teacher survival basket for her.

Not sure what to put in it.. But I think I will come up with some pretty interesting things.

Yes, I do plan on trying this project again. No I will not be using this labels again. Im very dissatisfied with how they turned out.
I might actually just try the other method I started reading about after I got this finished. It was using overhead projector paper and then sticking the actual creation in the bottle and stick it to the inside. Hrm.. That would be interesting to try!

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