Monday, January 25, 2010

The Rx bottle.

A few months ago. I was told I have Type 2 Diabetes. Which is turn has made my old habits hard to break. I have a sugar addiction. On the plus side, I don't have odd pains any-more and the idea that my family and I are eating much healthier. The Nutrition labels don't worry me because I actually understand them and know how to read the information for MY lifestyle. Back to the topic at hand. I have realised that with this new adventure in life. It comes with a lot of prescription bottles. Every month I have at least 3 bottles not to mention the other members of my family who may have some. At one point we were throwing them away after rinsing them out. I began searching new ways to re-invent the Rx bottle. My son is old enough to know meds are not candy. SOO Here is a fun list of ways My family and I are giving new life into those amber bottles. Always remember to clean your bottles out before using them for ANYTHING.

1. The Craft Supplies

I don't know about you, but, when I took on scrap booking, card making,embossing,painting. ext. I took on a lot of little things too. brads, buttons, sequins, rhinestones. Yeah what a crazy amount of stuff. And to top it off. Finding a premade container for all that to organize sets you back a pretty penny when you think of all the individual things you need to organize.
(I took a snapshot of my "brads" drawer in my craft room"

2. Home Helpers

Screws, nails, picture hangers, paper clips, rubber bands, push pins, The larger bottles will even hold Hot Glue sticks.

3. A mini Sewing Kit

4. Mixing

From paint to crafting powders. These are great for making your own colors and storing them so you can reuse them. Remember to label the container with your instructions so you know how to repeat it when it runs out.

5. Traveling

Don't take the entire medicine bottle traveling with you. Unless you need ALL of it. Take only what you need. You can also use the bottles for trial size Shampoo, Body Wash, if you use Tooth Flossers instead of Floss, Q-tips.

6. Change Please!

Carry your loose change in it. Easy to find in your purse or even in your car if you hit those tolls. Collecting change at home is another use.

7. First Aid Kit

Band-aid, Neosporin, sample asprin, This is nice for in the car, at your desk at work, in your purse

8. Seeds!

Either as a seed starter or a seed saver.

9. Creating your own humorous Rx label to give to an adult. Fill with candy.

10. Homemade Spices & Steak Rubs.

11. Camping

Matches fit nicely and will stay dry in the containers.

12. Single Serving Friends

Salad Dressings, BBQ sauces. Anything you would need for a lunch at the office.

The next three come with a nice suggestion. Call before bring your stash all the way across town to do. Remember not everyone is going to clean up their bottles. So if they say NO it's for a reason. However.

13. Donations.

Vets sometimes use them for pet meds to foster homes.
Free clinics
Homeless Shelters

Just remember if you have small children in the house. Be careful about your med bottles. Don't confuse a child by putting their Cheerios in them. Don't be that person. Be responsible. I've got serious OCD sometimes and a lot of my bottles are marked with a label maker. However I know that if I had family or friends over who had small children. I would not have my bottles just laying around.

Yes I did need to say that because for some reason there are stupid people out there who need it spelled out for them what the dangers are. Should I have to tell you not to stick your pet in the microwave? NO, I shouldn't have to, but some idiot did it and now we have to dumb everything down for those people. so. WASH THE BOTTLES BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANYTHING WITH THEM!!!

Thanks For Reading!!

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