Saturday, January 30, 2010

Week of January 24 - 30

I guess, lets start on the 27th. Wednesday. Started as any other day, I was up by 4 a.m and had started the laundry for lack of anything better to do. Productive anyway. So by the time the boys woke up I had most of the laundry done. Rob had made the comment that it was in fact Wednesday and that I always do laundry on Wednesday. Which at one point was true. When we lived in Iowa, I somehow had every Wednesday off from work. So naturally I would do laundry on that day. But since then I just do it when it needs to get done. Most often in the wee hours of morning because I'm up anyway. On this particular day however, I thought. Wow, Really you want me to do laundry on my birthday. Thanks babe.
Now Anthony gets up around 6:45 in the morning so that he has plenty of time to get ready for school and have time to play a bit before spending seven hours in a learning environment. This particular day. He screams down from the top of the stairs "Mom, Why didn't you wake me up!!" It was only 6:15 in the morning and I was already told to do laundry and my son was yelling at me that I hadn't woken him up before his alarm. Yay. It was going to be a good day, right?
The rest of the day went fine nothing too exciting. Rob's mother wanted to take us out to eat for dinner to celebrate my birthday. I was OK with that. We ended up going to Jack Stack BBQ. The food was good, the time with them was good. It was brought up that I was the birthday girl several times during the meal. Yeah Yeah whatever. Then the waitress cleaned up our plates and before delivering the check brought over this giant piece of brownie topped with ice cream. This sweet gesture almost put me in tears. No, not because aww that's so sweet.. But, Gee thanks, I'm diabetic, I can't eat that. Though I didn't say anything. I was just glad she brought 4 extra spoons for everyone at the table to eat it. This diabetic stuff bites. Rob did make me a cake though. He found a diabetic recipe for carrot cake without using those artificial sweeteners and its really good. Has the consistency of bread pudding and it is still "sweet." I have to admit that my sweet tooth has taken a back-seat to my food intake. So the sugar free ice cream actually sat in the freezer for over a month. No ice cream has ever done that before. I also don't eat as much as I used to. Which brings me to the 28th.

Today was a friend of mine's birthday. I had an appointment to give a Hot Stone massage around 1 in the afternoon. So the room was already set up. While talking to her she said how nice it would be to have one. I told her she was more then welcome to come over and have a hot stone massage. I can always clean up and have everything ready for my appointment. Naturally who would turn that down. It's been awhile since I had the stones out. Rob isn't fond of them so I never use them on him. After our hot stone class I just had to have them. Now, I just have to use them. Anyways. So breakfast that morning consisted of watching my son devour 4 eggs, bacon, and toast. So instead of having 2 of those eggs like I had planned. I had a sliver of carrot cake. Gave a hot stone massage, had just enough time to clean up before giving another hot stone massage, clean up, now preparing for Anthony to come home from school. By that time, I was in so much pain you would have thought I ate a measuring cup full of sugar. I was tired. Not sleepy tired, but, the tired you get when you have been up all night and you are working on day two of insomnia. Actually laying down at this point makes your feet hurt worse. Anthony rubbed my feet for almost ten minutes. And they would start hurting again. I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't. I wanted to do something but lay there. I didn't have the energy too. However, because my feet hurt so bad. My son asked if I had taken my blood sugar. Usually when my feet hurt this bad my blood sugar has sky-rocketed. So I thought it was a good idea. Quite the opposite though. I was in hypoglycaemia. Which is a new one for me. Not used to being that low. Wow. Rob went out and purchased some Root-beer Milk, which is another sweet treat I had to put on the back burner. With my root-beer milk I had the leftover brownie from Jack Stack. There was a small container left of it which I finished off. LOL. Surprising how much better I felt afterwards. I guess this means I need to eat more then once a day. LOL
There was this wonderful ad in the newspaper about a sale at the local grocery store. I ended up going around 10 in the morning. I like the option of going this early. The only other shoppers are the older people who hardly go down the isles I'm in. Spent a little over $90 on over 100 items. Awesome. Purchased tons of soups and canned goods which are always nice to stock up on every month or so. The funny thing is. We were planning on hitting a few of the unclaimed freight stores on Saturday. So I had a list for those places and a list for groceries. I like buying cleaners and napkins from the unclaimed freight places. Sometimes they are a lot cheaper then even wallyworld. I also treated myself to a container of blueberries. I spent $4 on them. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something nice.
The rest of the day I spent cleaning up my desk. I ended up moving my small OLFA cutting mat because at this point. I've damaged it beyond repair. I have two of them sitting on my "L" shaped desk at home. One large 36x24 mat that sits on the other end of my desk. My windows computer sits on the corner attached to my craft robo, my label printer, all that jazz. The curve of the desk houses my printer, then my wooden paper holder, all the way to the other end of the desk which holds my Linux computer. I use for everyday life. Email, Blogging, Facebook. LOL. Anyways. The curve in front of the paper holder and the printer was my smaller 24x18 OLFA mat. This is actually where my extended arm lamp reaches too and find that all my "work" is done here. Now that I've been heat embossing. I have been doing that there as well. The first time I was so upset with myself for not remembering those mats can be warped with heat. I ended up pushing it under the wooden paper holder for the weight to flatten it out a bit. Then I played with the heat gun again on the other side of the mat. ARG!!! I've decided the mat needed to be completely moved. There was too much temptation to actually "work" on my workspace. It is not sitting under my larger mat under the craft robo. *sigh*
The 30th.
Awhile ago Rob had gone to the dentist. They suggested he see someone for his TMJ issues (his jaw locks in the open position) Instead of seeing someone we don't know. I suggested he book an appointment with one of my instructors. The plan was, I would take Anthony swimming at the pool this morning while the two of them worked. Weather had other plans. I'm not big on driving in the snow. The sun hadn't come up yet and there were no way I wanted to drive in this. I decided to just hang out in the basement like Rob does when I have people come over for massage. Rob instead suggested I answer the door. My instructor had no idea it was my significant other needing the work and Rob felt the instructor would be more weirded out by finding out later that I was there rather then just being there.
So I got to watch the Craniosacral TMJ session. Yup boring as paint dry. However. Seeing a session and watching results on the first day. that's impressive. The hour and a half went by really quickly. We worked and laughed. It was a good time had by all.
Afterwards we set off for Cargo Largo (one of those odd lot stores) We purchased a few things I even picked up a stamp set. A 62 clear calendar stamp set for $1.50 Awesome. Fiskars brand (Li'l Davis Designs) Found them on Amazon for $17.00 Nice!! ( )
After going to another odd lots store and picking up other strange things. Including a bag of frozen blueberries for $5.00 we headed home.
We stopped at Arby's. I was craving. The guys messed up our order by giving us two large fries and three small fries instead of 3 small drinks. Instead of dinking with refunding. They gave us our three small drinks. While we were eating our sandwiches, one of the gentlemen came out with another tray. This time with the three small fries and three of their turnovers a cherry and two apple. Dude.. That's a lot of food. But whatever. We ended up taking most of it home. Later I thought. Damn, we should have gotten Arby sauce for the left over sandwiches.. LOL
On to tomorrow which I will yet again enjoy Rob's dad visiting. He wont be staying the night like I had originally thought. However. Because Rob's truck isn't in working condition at the moment. Will they be taking my car all over town? Or can they take his car? I'm hoping they take his. What if I want to go somewhere? LOL

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