Saturday, February 13, 2010

Adding Images.

The Craft-Robo Hard at work. As always!!

This is what I made for Anthony for Valentine's day. I wrapped a package of Valentine Chocolate covered sunflower seeds. He loves these and they are so good for him. YAY! The tiny card reads : YOU ARE THE BEST SON-FLOWER I COULD EVER ASK FOR! HAPPY V-DAY. LOVE MOM

These are images of Anthony's Valentine Box we made. This was something that we had planned doing for awhile. So when school said we could make a box. It just kind of came together. Made from a whole $3.00 of FOAMIES thick craft foam and then drawn on with an extra fine Sharpie Marker. The CD drive was the slot for the cards. And instead of having a base on the wii itself we just let the base of the holder be the "bottom" so that he could take the wii off the base to retrieve his valentines!

These are images of the gift I purchased for Rob for Valentine's Day. He has wanted a good shaving mug for awhile. Since he discovered shaving with a "safety" razor. Not sure if it looks too safe, but I do have to admit it gets an awesome close shave. He wanted just a plain mug nothing fancy. I ended up finding this one on accident. Even better it came with a soap in a scent of my choice. So, I chose Lime and Coconut. Turned out HE LOVED IT! Yeah I gave it to him early. We have this thing about not being able to keep secrets from each other. Not even presents.. LOL.

These are better images of the gift for Anthony's teacher. I ended up adding a pencil box full of #2 pencils. I also added a small paper-craft box with chocolates and of course one of Anthony's personalized Pokemon cards.

As promised these are the images from the box that Anthony made for school. We didn't measure the front page to the box before we started so the front had a lip on it all the way around. I figured it was only 5 extra points we were just going to leave it as is. I think he did a rockin' job on the project. :)

Okay. Those are my updates for the time being. Hope all is well with you. See ya soon!

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