Friday, February 5, 2010

Mom projects.

Everyday I realise more and more that my little man is growing up. And I end up doing less and less for him OR I end up biting my lip when it comes to projects. For example we got an email the other day with an extra credit opportunity. I always like these because it gives the kids a chance to be creative. I do at this point have to admit. Anthony has a lot of spirit when it comes to creativity, alas it's the drive that is not there. So I end up getting really excited about these things. This in turn becomes a mom project and less his. Nope not this time. I'm being good. The kids are studying rocks and minerals in science. For extra credit they are to take what information they learned during this unit and create a cereal, well actually just the box for the cereal. After getting the email I found a website that had all the different kinds of rocks on it, pictures, and how each is formed. Everything he needed to push him in the right direction. We even had an empty cereal box that he could use. I helped him brainstorm and I did use my mad computer skills to help merge an image of a skeleton to hold a shell. The rest I am leaving up to him. I am suggesting if he is going to use the box he will have to do all of it and not just a front cover of a box. Nutrition facts and all. We plan on working on it this weekend. I will post pictures when we are all done.
I do get my own mom project though. V-day is fast approaching, when I get the chance to craft some things. I will do it. Even if it is silly and pointless. That tends to happen a lot around the holidays when I just can't stop crafting just for the sake of doing it.
I wanted to make a gift basket of sorts for Anthony's teacher. I felt silly giving her just the modded hand sanitizer bottle with one of the valentine cards we made. I ended up finding a 4-soda bottle holder. It still had two of the bottles in it. I did not end up using them. They will prolly be put in the recycling. I have not decided yet. Anyway. This is a pic of my "supplies"

I love pink. LOL. I don't get to use it alot being that I have a little boy. I can't even imagine how bad I would be if I had a little girl. While it was snowing out today I sat and watched "Lie to Me" on Hulu and covered the box. I noticed the sanitizer bottle didn't really match afterwards. The red and white check bow just didn't "go." I left it anyway. I also crafted some Hershey "hug" roses and a nice little scalloped edge flower holder I found in matching decorative scrap paper. I put my little sticky-note holder in the basket, I just need to find another piece of matching ribbon to tie around this box of pencils I got. I figured I would take them out of the box and just wrap them like a bouquet. I have to say it turned out so adorable. I even found two little lime green bows in my craft stash to put on either side of the box. Here is the finished project. Minis the pencils of course.

I was expecting Anthony to get out of school early today because of the snow. This morning is drizzled just a little. Enough for him to catch tiny snowflakes in his mouth as he waited for the bus. The little girl next door must have thought we were nuts standing in the driveway catching snow on our tongues. Oh well!!
It just kept snowing harder and harder. At around noon I looked back outside and saw the cars in the driveway covered in snow. I've been checking the school closings most of the day. One by one the surrounding areas have been getting out early. It is now about 2:20 in the afternoon. I doubt very much he will be coming home early. I should stop looking at the school closing screen on the news website. Just can't help myself. I still miss him terribly when he is at school.
I guess that's all that is going on... I will post the finished cereal box when we are done. I'm out!

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