Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Folding a Fitted Sheet

Or at least how I do it. =) Being a Massage Therapist I find myself extremely picky about how my sheets for the office are folded. Which often means. I do this myself. And can not convince anyone else in the family to do it. So This is how I fold them to remove most of the wrinkles from the sheet itself. Each sheet takes about 2-5 minutes to fold. Simply because to get it completely wrinkle free takes some practice and adjusting. Here are the step by step instructions.

First your going to want the sheet Right sides Out. Stick your hands in the corners of one side of the sheet. The Top or bottom. It doesn't matter. Then place it on a flat surface to work with. I usually fold sheets using my bed because its a large area to work with.
Take the opposite end of what your working with and right sides out pinch the corners placing it within the side on the flat surface. This image is to get the idea of how they are before you put one inside the other.

Place the two opposite ends together. Or within itself. All I did was stick the one end inside the other. With me so far?

Start organizing the sides. This is what takes the longest. Your going to be straightening everything out. The first couple times will not be perfect. However the more practice the easier this will get.

When you flip up one end to the other it will look a lot like this. Not perfect. However it eliminates a lot of the wrinkles this way by keeping things as flat as possible.

Now here is where I flip it over. So you are working with the opposite side. I do this for two reasons. Your curved end from the sheet is exposed this way. So when you fold it up. There will be less chance of it catching on something. It also "encloses" the sheet to make it look nicer if someone is digging through your drawers or closet to look at your things.

Now I fold the sheet in threes. Remember to always flatten and then fold. The more you smooth out the sheet the nicer the end result will be. Especially if you did a lot of smoothing in step three. =)

Your sheet should now look like this. Now we are going to flip it over.

Fold in half. And it should look like this!

Fold the top sheet and the two will look so nice together. =)

Thanks for reading. Happy Folding!